Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The one with men embarrassed about buying adult toys

Like you, I know people who work in retail. Video game shops, Record shops, Clothes shops. I even worked in retail, all while feeding my radio addiction with Howard Stern. Now, anyone who works in  a bread shop, sells bread, possibly makes bread and expects people to come in and buy a nice loaf/ Anyone who works in a clothes shop, sells clothes, possibly makes them and expects the general public to come in and dress themselves in something that'll make them look gawjus. 

And then theres the people who work in adult shops. This lot are a different breed compared to other shop workers. They constantly talk about the people who come into their adult shop, laughing and sniggering as some bloke buys a rabbit or something similar. Conversations are like the following....

"Look at him over there"
"Who, the guy in the brown jacket?"
"Yeah, what about him?"
"Was talkin to him a minute ago about vibrators"
"Yeah, says its for his oul doll, but he probably is shoving it up his own hole"
"Yeah, he looks the type alright. Loves the vibrating bum fun"

GIMME A BREAK! Its nothing of the sort, and even if it was, who gives a toss? The Star had a poll yesterday that stated that more than a third of men are too embarassed to buy a sex toy. Big deal, surely????????? Whats the embarrasment about? That you're actually getting some? For feck sake lads, tis really time to try and lift the knuckles off the ground! The personality free, knuckle draggers are always going to be stuck in this mode, which is quite unfortunate for the ladies they invariably end up with. Well at least the ladies dont suffer from the same disease, as they seem to be more than capable of going off and getting themselves a plastic vibrating penis.

Plenty of people asked me last night would I be embarssed buying a sex toy or to be even seen in an adult shop. The plain and simple answer was no. Why would I? Whats going to happen? Front page of the Echo "Victor Barry spotted in adult shop". Bollocks!

And for the blokes out there who are intimidated by the oul vibrating machines, well they really, really, really need to stop digging trenches with their knuckles.

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