Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sup? Here is that bit of awesome from last nights show. Well worth the 6 minutes of your precious time!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Looks like the men in the expensive suits have turned up and now, somebody who can theoretically drive the bus is at the wheel, to a degree. In between scratching myself yesterday, having a mental meltdown and making a sandwich I watched and listened with great interest as the rats started running. It was like a scene out of Indiana Jones, remember the part with the rats in the tunnel? On a pretty historic day in the country, fella’s were roaring about general election’s and resignations. Nothing about the fact of the few quid the IMF and the EU will hand over in brown paper bags, NOPE! It was cheap politics on all behalf's yesterday as the Green’s decided to pull out and wipe themselves off the curtains.

To me at least, it’s all about self preservation. It’s quite a big probability that the current crowd who have farted at least once in a State car, won’t be in power after a General Election. So the Green’s, while their motivation may appear honest, to me anyway, are only playing cheap politics. Wait for the “WE CALLED FOR THIS ELECTION” and plenty of other slogans. So, when the shit hits the fan and disintegrates it, they decide then to get out? Bollocks!!!
As for the other shower’s, some are keeping quiet but the usual mouth pieces and a few of the more silent types are also calling for heads. Again, here comes the self preservation!!! They need to keep the gig and after all when the go knocking on doors in a few weeks, they won’t get nowhere unless they publically called for someone’s head. Why haven’t they called for heads in the last 2 years? Or feck it, even in the last 6 months? See what I’m getting at here?

As for the crowd who thundered off into the tax payers gaf on Merrion Street yesterday, someone give me a bucket. Mindless stupidity. The guards have enough idiots to be dealing with. Why didn’t Sinn Fein do this thundering around the place 2 years ago? Horse bolted, gate closed. Stupid!!!

As for the Government..well, lads…jaysus. There’s 4 odd million of us in the country. And the majority of that 4 odd million are adults. You do know that, right? You know, alot can vote, drive cars and have really dirty, depraved sex! Most of us would appreciate a bit of honesty. I’m sure many of us wouldn’t have got too upset if we were told “Right, we’re fucked! We’re getting a few bob off some blokes in Europe. It’s gonna be a tough few years, but we’ll get through it. And at the end of it, sure, fuck it, we’ll all go for pints”. Or something along those lines as opposed to the denial and bullshit. It’s like a parent telling a kid that Sparky the dog has gone to the farm, after savaging the balls off the postman. Even the kid knows the truth. See, kids aren’t idiots, and neither are the adults. Well, exceptions apply obviously, but for the best part.

The IMF may be the best thing to happen to the country, depending on their demands and so forth. At least with the IMF there is no politics involved. It might even incentivise some of the scroungers who’ve been on the dole for the last 20 years to get off their dirty arse and go and do something productive. On the other hand, as one caller said last night, it’s one step closer to a Super Duper European State. And you know what, if that happens? We’ll be fighting the aliens together in Croke Park and around the country. Granted they’ll have spaceships. What will we have? The same thing we always had, and the only thing that can and will make a difference. OURSELVES!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A little earlier than usual, but my annual Q&A is on at The Pavilion, Careys Lane on November 26th at 8pm. Uncensored and no holds barred. A night of madness, fun, frolics and swearing. Not for those of you who are easily offended. Currently giving away invites on the show all week and on my own facebook page, so check your event tab on FB. Will have a public RSVP as well next week so another opportunity to blag an invite. Official after party with Stevie G downstairs afterwards as well!


Friday, November 12, 2010


Today, the blog hits the ripe old age of 6 years old. Or if you want to work it out in baby time, it’s 72 months old.

I probably say this every year around this time (too lazy to go back on the archives) but I never thought it would last this long. Since I set this blog up all those moons ago, another few blogs have come on stream, mainly my photoblog and of course the Irish Web Award finalist, The Movie Bit. If anything, this year has probably been the worst year for the blog as I’ve horsed most of my time into The Movie Bit. So a sporadic lack of updates has been the result of all things movies.

Ironically, The Movie Bit blog was originally only supposed to cater for my reviews, which were ending up here on a regular basis, so I felt it was a better idea to keep them separate altogether. Little did I know the monster that would grow into!

Earlier this year I contemplated putting down this blog and doing the right thing due to lack of time for updates. But I couldn’t. For better for worse this blog has become a part of me that I can’t let go. It’s catalogued some of the most pivotal moments in my life, including my wedding (which had a scheduled blog posting on the big day) and the birth of my son, Cameron. A few times a month I have a nose through the archives (when I’m not feeling lazy) and spend ages reading at what I was doing or what was going on way back when. Even now I wonder is it time to say goodbye, but for somebody that gets attached to things like televisions, it’s will be the blog that will say goodbye to me, not the other way round!

So while the updates may be a little sporadic over the last few months, part of me will eventually get around to doing something less sporadic.On an almost final note the Twitter box has grown like a disease in size so there’s still regular activity here…kinda.

And on the final note, thank YOU for dropping by here over the years and reading this mundane shit I type from time to time. THANK YOU!

Happy B-Day blog…you motherfucker, you!!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Tomorrow the blog hits 6 years old! That is all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Welcome back to Conan O Brien. End of! Tomorrow, this blog hits 6 years old and I’ll certainly post something to mark the occasion. Anyway, here’s some new Conan O Brien!

Monday, November 01, 2010


Not long in the door after a pretty epic day in the company of Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonez.  It’s funny when there’s more than one of them around, the lads are always conscious of covering their balls!  Anyway, will be broadcasting an exclusive Jackass 3D special this Thursday night, Nov 4th from 10pm GMT. As well as your FM dial (104-106) there is also a live stream on www.redfm.ie

Plenty of Jackass action including sheep shagging, shooting in 3D, injuries sustained during the shoot and news on Jackass 4 amongst other nuggets! Quick sampler of what's to come…and yes, it will be made downloadable directly after the show.


Knoxville eggnest by vicbarry


Spikejonez jefftremaine3d by vicbarry