Sunday, October 14, 2007

The one with man measurements..Cork

Not too long ago I was asked to lend my vocal talents to a very cool Cork flick. Take a peek, its in 5 parts! Well done to Kev and all the crew on this one!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The one where Xmas comes early!!!!

We headed to the Blue Ginger in Wilton for dinner, last night! Great food as usual (thanks Kev) so after eating too much I decided I needed some paracetemol, for a pain in the ass toothache. The aching tooth had been at it all day at this stage. So; we ended up in Dunnes by the Bandon road roundabout. Ger walked ahead of me as I rooted around the car for a jacket of sorts. She stopped as soon as she walked in the entrance and just started staring back at me. I wondered what was wrong, and then all became clear. What follows, is photographic evidence. Some of you may find the following disturbing.

Now, Ive just doubled checked the calendar for yesterdat, and indeed it was the 13th of OCTOBER. Just a week ago I noticed Tesco in Wilton had started lashing out the Xmas stuff as well. I thought the age old rule of retail was "Once Halloween is gone, we start tearing into Xmas"

Now I have 2 theories on this.

My first theory is straight forward. Tesco and Dunnes have blatantly either forgot about this rule or have just plain smashed it into pieces. My second theory is more complicated. I know as its Sunday morning some of you are either tired, hungover or pregnant! So hang onto your arses. Bishopstown and Wilton are caught in some sort of parallel dimension where they've been catapulted into the future by a few weeks. By some bizarre conincidence, you and I can enter this other dimension at will. This will explain why we are seeing Xmas decorations in the middle of October. Now unless Doc Brown and a DeLorean have been spotted towing Tesco and Dunnes on the back of a trailer down the south link at 88mph, Im not entirely sure how all of this has happened. All I do know is that parallel dimensions do exist and theres one in the Bishopstown / Wilton area. The next piece of proof we will have is Easter Eggs in early January.