Thursday, April 10, 2008

The one with Lurve

There was an oul bit of a moment on the show last night where I suggested, that listeners involved in a marriage or relationship should txt their better half with the simple words of "I Love You". Cheesy as cheddar, but what the hell. Many replied back saying the response they got (which I had speculated on) was "Whats wrong?". Others had smiles on their faces by all accounts, more than likely in the fact that they were going to get a good rattling when said better half came home. See its amazing what 3 words can do! As for me, yeah I sent the txt. Im still waiting for a response! Maybe her phone is still off!

As to not leave out the single folk, the suggestion was made by yours truly that if there's someone in their phone book that they want to get on top of, sorry, go on a date with, then they should txt them as well. That had good success as well, by all accounts. Although one poor crater had got a yes, he felt that her brother would'nt be too impressed. Well, thats what the court system is there for, and you never know, ya might get a few bob for it!

Car parking is going up in Cork, in an effort to make us all hop on public transport. Now, as many of you know, Im not too pushed when it comes to the green issue's. Sure I recycle and so on, but thats it. If a polar bear dies every time I leave the TV on standby, then Im not going to be losing sleep. As has been mentioned before, when there's polar bears out in the back garden rummaging around for food, then I'll plug out the TV. But, Im a big fan of public transport. I think the Subway in NYC and the Tube in London are absolutely fantastic. That said, we have nothing like that here in Cork. Yeah, a few buses and a train, and credit where its due, I like using the Arrow in Cobh to get to the city centre. But thats it. I'd gladly use public transport every day if it suited me. If I could get a train to the radio station, happy days. I'd sell the car and save meself hundreds of € every month. But I cant, so I cant save meself a fortune. I'd much rather hand out €50 to Irish rail every month as opposed to €300 a month to a petrol station! But as it stands, the petrol station's look after me better. The idea thats a few cent on the price of car-parking in the city will make us all use public transport, wont work. Its not enough if you ask me, and many agree. But before we're paying €20 an hour for the privilege of parking the bus, we need plenty of more buses and trains and they need to run at all times. Taxi's are the other option, and they do a great job. But it costs me €30 to get from the city centre to where I call home, so If I was going to Red, it'd be a bit more. If it costs €40 for that, thats €80 a day (back and forth) which in turn is €400 a week! Thats not finacially viabe either:( Anyway, more trains, more buses and for christ sake get that water taxi service up and running.