Friday, April 29, 2005

Well then, Im at it again. No not that; but a severe lack of updates. I do apologise to my 2 readers or was that 3. I have an excuse, Im extremely busy with the show. Cough Cough. Seriosuly though we're about 75% done on our Star Wars Special which will blow your minds. Well not literally but there is a very impressive list of interviewees, which Im not going to reveal. Its going to cover various aspects of the Star Wars universe from the actors, to the special fx guys and to a certain someone else who has made so much of it come together. It will air the week of the launch of Episode 3, more than likely on the 17th of May.

Thats it really, the sun is breaking stones outside the window so I should really be out doing all things domestic like cutting the grass. Ill have to have a think about that one.

Enjoy the bank holiday and for feck sake, be careful