Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well its rare that I come on here of a Saturday, but none the less here I am! Still dying with the throat and cough, and its getting really bloody annoying at this stage.

Last night we sat down to watch The Grizzly Man, which is about to arrive in Cork cinemas but is available to buy on Region 1 DVD. I didnt know what to expect with this movie. I had seen the trailer many moons ago, and that was about it. Something though, more than likely its originallity and freshness drew me into the film, and I jumped at the chance of buying it as soon as it was available. I never heard of Timothy Treadwell and I know sweet F all about Grizzly Bears, baring the fact that they scared me shitless as a child. Ger walked out after 25 minutes, not liking the flick at all at all. So I settled back into me seat and got really caught up in the movie. As the "hosting" from Timothy and the Herzog narration continues, it captures the mind and provides some of your interpretations of what happened. For anyone that doesnt know the story, here follows a brief outline. Timothy Treadwell, a man some would call an Eco Warrior or others would just call a lunatic. Either way; you can make up your own mind during the movie, he spent 13 summers in Alaska with Grizzly Bears. His aim was protecting them and their enviornment. I have to say though whatever protecting he done, is not really evident in the movie. His girlfriend also tagged along and tragically on the 13th Summer, the two of them were savagely killed and eaten by a Grizzly. No happy endings here.

For earlier parts of the movie, I couldnt help but feel Timothy was out of his mind. But as the movie grows, you see a man whos 110% passionate in what he believes in. He believes in the bears, and believes what hes doing is right. He also acknowledges that they can kill him, given half a chance. The Grizzlys are more inquisitive and almost friendly with their outlook on Timothy, as opposed to looking at him as an easy meal.

Director Werner Herzog had the job of putting the documentary together from a 100 hours of footage that was left in Timothys camp. He also offers his own opinions on Timothy in an ongoing naration, which at times is quite though provoking. The day Timothy and his girlfriend were killed, was actually recorded via audio only. You really hope that the particular piece of audio isnt played, and its not, nor is it available anywhere. This movie had a profound effect on me as the credits rolled up the screen. It hasnt left my mind since.

If theres one movie you see over the next few months, this has to be it as far as Im concerned. Be warned, there is no middle ground in this movie. You will either love it or hate it, but once it grabs hold of you, it doesnt let go. If you cant wait for the cinema version, get hold of it on Region 1 DVD.

For me, Timothy Treadwell, while at times comes across too obsessed, had balls and a passion that engulfed his life to the day he died. Some might call the Grizzly man an idiot, disturbed or deserving of his death. Was he deserving of his death? For having a passion, I dont think so. As he said in the movie "I will die for these animals, I will die for these animals, I will die for these animals" and watching the Grizzly man, he wouldnt have had it any other way.

The Grizzly man, while no longer with us will live on for some time to come!