Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Im afriad I had to cancel the B-Day drinks on Saturday night. Being whisked off for the weekend by her goodself! So for anyone planning on descending on The Brog on Saturday night to lavish me with drinks and gifts, send em in to the usual address instead, cos Ill be way out West :)

Havent put up on some
bebo whiteboard art for a while, so heres 2 recent additions!
Right, down to business! Last Wednesday I introduced the first ever public screening of Digital Cinema in Ireland, at the Gate cinema (Im convinced I blogged this but not sure, so excuse me If I have..its the old age setting in) I was just expecting to intro Prime and that was it! I felt honored in a weird way. Ive been a fan of cinema for years and the technology thats behind it as well. For anyone that knows me, you'll know what Ive done to one of the rooms in the house! Either way Ive followed the plight of digital cinema for some time now, and I was genuinely thrilled to say "Folks this is the shit, it doesnt get any better than this". I stuck around after the announcing to sample some digital cinema action, and it didnt dissapoint. Even the censors screen was alot more enjoyable. It was Crystal clear, and lots of texts after the movie to compliment the picture and sound quality!God Im such a nerd!

Risteards last ever night producing Cork Talks Back was last night. There was lots of texts wishing him well which was nice. For the last week or 2, people have been ringing into the show just to say Thanks and Good Luck! I know he was thrilled with this. Great gesture from people! Ive worked with Risteard for quite some time now and as I said last night, its like Im losing a leg, not from the knee down, but from the hip down! Dave Mac is the man thats looking to grow back that leg! Behind every talk show, good or bad, theres a producer and Risteard put in some savage amount of work at times into Cork Talks Back. Never complained, never moaned, he just got on with the job at hand! The show has gone through many changes over the last 3 years, more so in the last 6 months and Risteard was one of the main forces implementing those changes! I came to rely on him for lots of stuff and now its over! Since Dave Mac has started, hes been doing great things, and Im going into the show with a headache which is a sign of great things to come! Either way, Risteard will be missed by lots of people in the station and Id like to take this oul oppurtunity to say "Best of Luck Risteard and Thank you very, very much"

Other than that, the show must go on! We'll continue to make it better! Heres to a new era of Cork Talks Back!

Ive got about 30 odd hours left, before I hit 30. Ger wants to make a big deal out of it, butIm not pushed to be honest. Im going to go for dinner with my Parents and Ger on my Birthday. Thursday night and go adventuring with me B-Day presents on Friday. Im not having a party or anything (not my thing really) but will be having a few drinks on Saturday night in town around half eight, in my regular Thursday night venue! All is welcome if you can figure out where it is! Shouldnt be too hard!

Thats about it for now, Im off to contemplate what getting old is!