Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last update till next year

Right. Ill begin with this shite....strangely there was something similar this time last year!!!

Best DVDs
House of Flying Daggers, Taegukgi, Cinderella Man, Star Wars Episode III, Ray

Best Movies at the cinema
King Kong, Broken Flowers, Star Wars Episode III premiere in Dublin, Batman Begins, The Aviator

Best Song

Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx - GoldDigger

Best Album
Greenday - American Idiot

Favourite Interviews of 2005 on the show
Without a second thought, Rick McCallum, Willie Gieger, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker.

Highlights of the show
I guess turning the show on its head and changing the direction competely, which seems to have made everyone happy and will hopefully have the effect I want in Februarys JNLR!!!! The Northside - Southside debate. Yes thats the one with the Fuck You at the end of it. Junior Cert night! Drugs debate and Cork people finally talking openly and freely about sex and porn. Rockin!!!!

Funniest things Ive heard all year
Conversations with Gilbert Gottfried about incest and fuck knows what else. Discovering Karl Spain was doing a bit in his show about my show, and people were actually laughing!Anytime Saddam showed up in Court. Give this guy a microphone at the Comedy Club in City limits...he already has the suit!

TV show of the year
I used always be a Letterman fan, but since we couldnt get Dave over here for years, I started tuning into Leno, who I really like..but this year, and thanks to ITV4, its The Late Show with David Letterman! Honourable mention to American Chopper!

Things Ive got into this year
I started watching the Sopranos from the night More 4 started. I know Im probably the only person in the country who hasnt seen it..but know Im like a junkie...waiting for the next episode!!! Bada Bing!

Book of the year
Nothing really blew me away this year (!) but notable mentions to Heres Johnny and BlockBuster! None of this Harry Potter shite either :)

Moments of the year for me
Part of it must have been clearing the big balance on the credit cards, and then running it back up again. Cooking the second Xmas Dinner in the house amd people are still living. Hosting the 1st ever Red FM appreciation awards. Sitting down in the Savoy in Dublin and watching the last ever Star Wars film, it definitely was a moment!! (sad I know)

Cool thing of the year

For me it has to be either the Xbox 360 or the PSP. Granted I sold me PSP so go figure!!

Video Games of the year
Ridge Racers PSP, King Kong Xbox 360 (really enjoyed it), Project Gotham Racing 3 on Xbox Live - Xbox 360 and Madden 360!

So thats the shite list done and dusted!!! Not that anyone gives a crap, but I said Id throw it in there anyway! Its all over now bar the puking. Managed to take in a few flicks over Xmas!!

Robots - Fell Asleep
Inside Deep Throat - Interesting
Cinderella Man - Outstanding
Billy Connolly in New York - Funny
Wedding Crashers - Shite

There was also some other piece of junk that I cant remember! Xmas was busy though, we seemed to be going out all the bloody time or visiting houses. Little time to sit back and scratch asses! Its been a strange year though. Around the middle of August we done a complete U Turn with the show and it seems to be working for the better. Callers, Texters, Emailers are all up!!! I started doing a bit of VO work which I may do a lot more of in 06. I finally discovered the Sopranos, and as of this moment I have all of season 5 left to watch. Then roll on numero 6. Some other highlights that for no particular reason made the list above would have been discussing weight loss with Karl Spain while eating a Breast n a Bun in Hillbillies! Oh yeah, I got me first 2 points on the licence as well. It feels like I have them 33 years now but I only have them since May! I had a good night out with a few mates and Jonathan Rhys Myers during the year and hosting the Red FM Appreciate awards was pretty cool too. People actually laughed. As the PD and the CEO both said, "Why couldnt I be that funny on air?". Oh well!!!!

As for the plans for tonight, well we've been out in town every year. This year Id prefer to stay in and do nothing. Id say we'll head out for something to eat, come home and enjoy the fireworks in Cobh!

So thats more or less it. 12 hours to go, exactly till next year. Hope you have a good night, and for fuck sake dont puke on Pana. Happy New Year