Thursday, May 19, 2011


This blog is not dead! It may as well be I hear you screech, but time is something I just don’t have at the moment! There’s a tonne of shit to get on here from the first few months on air in the mornings, and I’ll start lashing on photos over the next while! All things on are still rocking away, and any spare moments have gone into that. The rest of the time is spent in meetings, being roared at and getting lashed with bamboo rods. And that’s just at home! And 10 months now into being a Dad is going rather damn well!


Other than that, all be well. The violent head pains are gone from the early morning risings. Sure, the earlyish to bed is a pain in the arse and I desperately miss Sunday nights on the show and I do genuinely miss the nights, but all told, things are seriously going well. And that’s not coming from me, I’m one of these perfectionist bastards where nothing is never good enough etc. but general feedback from the show is very, very good. Even some of the haters have started to move away from the darkside.

And for the haters that are still out there, well, a bribe of some afternoon tea and cakes could well be in order! And, my blog reading friends, that happens tomorrow!!!! Afternoon tea, on the radio, in the morning.