Friday, December 03, 2004

Hi folks. Man its been a busy few days, been writing a new sketch for Xmas and its taking longer than I thought. Steve Guttenberg (Mahoney from Police Academy amongst many other movies) on next week, Keith Barry, Terri Irwin and god only knows what else. So its looking to be a helluva windup towards Xmas.

One of the stranger things to ever happen on air, happened last night. Well besides not having proper contact with VJ (tech issue, small thing but frustrated the crap outta me) this lady rang in and offered to cover him in yogurt and lick it off and then........yeah theres more...straddle him. Twas truly bizarre, but very entertaining judging by all the texts from people after she got off the air.

The weekend is here...thank god!!!!! Granted Ill be writing for a bit of it. For the rest of it, Christmas tree buying...........first time for everything I suppose. First Xmas in the new house, first time to buy a Xmas tree etc.etc.etc.etc............................etc.etc.

I robot will be on sale later on, so no doubt more money spent on DVDs :) Thats about it really................So I should drop by over the weekend!!!!
Late N Live Top things overheard in the queue for Santas Grotto (1/12/04)

5 – All this money to see Santa and hes more interested in letting your mother sit on his knee

4 – Is this the queue to buy them damn robots that were on the Late Late

3 – Great, we’re next to go into Santas hole

2 – If he asks you to pull anything, pull his beard and run

1 – Could someone please explain to me why theres a chimp called bubbles dressed as Santas helper