Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Well Cork Talks Star Wars went off like the death star last night. We were swamped with people trying to win some of the goodies we had on offer and I think everyone really enjoyed the 2 hour special. Some people told me they were really pumped about the movie after the special and were off to watch Attack of the Clones again.

Personally, I drove home on a high after tipping my hat to George Lucas for 2 hours and opened a bottle of wine or 3. Today I am the ripe oul age of 29 and as usual I couldnt care less about my Birthday. Sure they'll be dinners and presents later on, which I really appreciate but tis just another ol (der) day. Im off for a few days, back on the air on Monday night and from what I understand my Rick McCallum interview will be featured in Hotpress this Friday.

Peace out