Wednesday, November 17, 2004

People have been talking about my fridge. Well heres a shot of it just before the house warming. First time it really looked full!
Well my fridge isnt as full as the pic but my nose is full of snot. Sorry to be so rude. My nose has been running on and off since 1am this morning. At times it seems to be getting worse. Ive taken the usual dose of tablets, but they never work with me. So Im suffering on. When your dying its quite difficult to pull off a show, and to be honest I struggled at times tonight. Between the snot and feeling like absolute shit I need a medal. One with chocolate in it. Much disappointment was had this though after we got news that Dan Aykroyd will NOT be doing the show. Things may change yet but its not looking good right now. Dan has a new book out called Elwood Blues but we will have the co-writer on. Im a huge Blues fan as well as an even bigger Dan Akroyd fan. Ive got a fair few old Blues Brothers pieces of memorabalia too. So we'll see what happens.

Later on today could be a very interesting day, cant say why but it could be. More will be revealed in due course.....possibly

Late N Live Top 5 Top 5 signs you’ve bought a bootleg version of Bad Santa (16/11/04)

5 – Its rated X as a matter of fact theres 3 capital Xs on the box

4 – Movie ends after 3 minutes

3 – DVD player displays a notice on the TV, I aint gonna play straight for a week

2 – Kids start crying and say you killed Santa

1 – Billy Bob Thornton explodes when he stops running under 50 miles an hour

My Halo 2 campaign is going well, although its gonna be Thursday before I play it again, if Im lucky. Friday morning is going to be spent reviewing the Incredibles. Im a huge Pixar fan and this one looks to be their best yet. Fair play to ye like! Gotta get to bed, so later on like :)