Thursday, June 29, 2006


Yesterday morning Vic ended up in Hospital with severe chest pains. As of right now, he's doing alright. Currently recouperating and awaiting more test results.

He will return to Cork Talks Back on Monday July 17.

Thanks for your support!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another week, another Monday and another blog update thats got nothing in it! Fraid Im screwed for time (again) so check in later on from 9pm. Lots to give away, The Singing Psychic and of course the usual bedlam!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Finally, a bit of relief in the neck and shoulder area. I couldnt really type for the last few days, because the neck and shoulder decided to go kaput. I didnt do anything strenuous (as if) but I do remember the pain hit just after landing a plate in the dishwasher. Herself isnt buying it, so Ill still have to load up the dishwasher, regardless of the pain it may cause. Painkillers, Deep Heat and Bio Freeze have almost done their job by this morning..its the loosest its been all week. Only thing now is the fecker is itching like a whore with a severe case of the crabs. I cant win. In conclusion, I think it'll be a while before the show covers corpus christi again. Ironically after battling away with a religious theme, this comes at me. Past religious themes on the show, have also resulted in me suffering for a few days with some ailment or another. Maybe its coincidence, or maybe theres aload of old corpus christi dears with a voodoo doll of me, and they've beat the shit out of it for the week. Why did I write that? Its too late to delete it, Ive written it. I can almost hear Bridy and Mary getting their crutches ready, to give the doll another shit kicking!

I spent most of the week on me back (not that way) on the floor or on the couch, playing the bad patient. Granted, Ive watched more World Cup, come to think of it, more soccer in the past week than I have in my lifetime. That may be a lie, but its alot!

I have zero plans for the weekend, which is normally the case the weekend before payday! Ger is off to a hen tomorrow night, so Ill be left to me own devices until I get the call "Commmmmmmmee pppppppppciiiiiiiikkkkkk me uuuuurpppppp". I may take a wander around with the camera today and thats about it really. The wind that shakes the barely is on my mind as there could well be a late show of that tonight! Got a nice write up on the blog. It goes something like this...
Initially, I had tarred Victor Barry with the same brush, but turns out he is a very funny guy (with a great blog).

Click the link for the rest of the piece. Cheers James!

Came across this pic, through of Cork man George Hook. Yes the rugby pundit, yes a fellow broadcaster who will soon be in competition with ourselves and the other stations in a quasi national capacity..provided he doesnt go roaring for more money and then leave..and use the excuse that he wants to spend more time concentrating on his rugby punditry.

Down to the photo creeps me out, in a funny way. I was going to write a sick and filthy quote, but I can afford a lawsuit. Not sure if Pam knows it, but at least shes playing a good defense. Notice how shes blocking Georges view of her tits, with a strategically placed arm. Theres more pics of Pam on Blogorrah and Ill give credit where its due, the only pic she looks happy in is the one on the left, here! The one with Brian Kennedy is a photo of pure and utter pain. Maybe she doesnt know who he is...but theres no way he'll be grabbing her hole in a playful manner. Maybe Im just being bitter, that I didnt get an invite to go see Pam. For alot of us, Pam was a childhood hero. People might say, what..Pam a hero, but what about MacGuyver or The A-Team or even Magnum PI. There real heroes. Bollocks to that lot, Pam was always there for us, whenever we wanted her she was there. She always came in handy! Nobody knocked one off the wrist thinking about Hannibal or B.A. or even MacGuyver, maybe some of the women, or the lads on the other side of the ditch..but for the best part Pam saved peoples sexuality..once you discovered her. I recall, years ago having a huge poster on my wall with Pam drapped across it, in full Baywatch uniform. You saw no nipples, maybe they were taped down, nor was there any camel toe. Granted I didnt know what that was back then. My mother arrived in, and half flipped the lid about a half naked lady stuck to my wall with blu-tack. She stopped flipping, when I explained Pam was a lifeguard, had saved many lives and was most of all a hero. My mother walked off thinking "Isnt that nice, hes finally showing some compassion" OR "That'll explain all the socks under the bed"

Right, thats it...sounds like Ive applied too much Bio Freeze. Remember Sunday, is a get it off yer chest Sunday, so if theres anything thats pissing you off, drop a mail to with your name and number and GET IT OFF YER CHEST!! Talk to ya Sunday at 10!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Corpus Christi was one of the topics brought to our attention on Get it Off Your Chest Sunday, and we left it kick off last night. I wouldnt be Mr.Religion or anything but I think to have a full blown Catholic procession in the middle of the city center is a bit much. I believe nobody wants religion shoved in their face, and 20,000 people marching in a parade is definitely shoving it down your gob. As some callers last night mentioned, you dont need to march in a parade to prove your faith. Maybe it should be held elsewhere...the Lee Fields for example. Plenty of parking, and Im sure the old dears can feed the seagulls at the same time. As alot of people pointed it last night, its an 80 year old tradition. Thats all well and good, but with this old fashioned stuff, Cork can never be a real metropolitan city, like Dublin, Paris, Manchester, London, New York etc.etc.etc. One caller said last night it was a march of hypcrosiy, given the child abuse scandals that have gone on for years. Well the church turned a blind eye to it for a long time and obviously these 20,000 did as well.

As I said I wouldnt be Mr.Religion, and the thoughts of going into a church sends a chill up my spine sometimes. The bullshit the priests rabbit on with, hundreds of people just sitting, kneeling and standing. Alot only there, because they feel they have to!
Maybe I have no faith left, maybe Im not full of spirituality and I really dont know where this has come from. Yes, like alot of you, I was dragged to Mass every Saturday night. Do I blame that, No. So I dont know where the blame lies, if any blame should lie anywhere. Ironically I visit the graves of deceased relatives and have a "quiet" time with them, as I do from time to time, be it at home or otherwise. So, theres a drop of faith left in me somewhere. Its there, somewhere!

Feck, the was a fairly serious opening.....More Robert Plant tickets to giveaway tonight. Make sure you check out the photoblog, lots of emails about it over the last few days...Nice one.
Thats my lot for now...Im off to.............................................

Eimear and Dave

Eimear and Dave
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Dont ask!! Dont anybody ask!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Been mad busy day. Photoblog has been updated. Robert Plant tickets and The Frames, live at the marquee tickets to be given away tonight!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ok, videos and pics on the way. If your offended by bad language then it might not be for you. One of the vids, was shot during a song. The song was played because, like 2 caveman in a perfume shop, we didnt read the instructions. The wax hardened on my arm and I had to rip it off bit by bit. Single handidly, the most stupidest thing Ive done in some time, if not all time on air. Looking at the vids, Im like a big child with an extremely low pain threshold. Maybe it was the sensation..yeah thats my excuse...the sensation! Well hopefully all the World Cup widows and anyone thats not into the soccer enjoyed it. Given the amount of calls and texts alone about it, I say they were well entertained.

Seriously though, I can sympathise with all the ladies who get this done on a regular basis. As for the nether regions, we'll some of ye are out of yer mind. Id handle that area with an oul Gilette M3 Power. While some might say you'll slice into it with a razor, Id prefer to suffer a slice and go to hospital with my balls hacked up than put some wax on it!

For all my suffering (yes I know Im a baby) last night, Im blaming Dave for it to be honest. He showed me the naughty nads box moments before we went on air, knowing damn well Id suggest we get waxed up on air! Well thats my theory anyway. We both popped our hot waxing cherries. The more I think about it, my waxing cherry felt it was popped by some guy hung like a donkey, who was in prison and didnt see action for 5 years.

Enjoy the pics and vids..and be wide for the swearing!!!

The OFF Air Agony

The On Air Waxing

Just in the door, and yes the waxing was real and very bloody painful last night. Video coming later today!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ill admit the last couple of weeks updating the blog, have been kinda slow. Ive been pretty busy, so time isnt on my side lately. Will it settle down, will it shit!

One of the competitions we're running on the show has got a great respsons. Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Yup, the South American commentary. 52.59 seconds last night. Unbelievable or what. Granted I was caught out by Colm last night. He recorded his own goooallll and looped it. After 40 seconds, I was after spotting the loop, but either way I was nailed! We have one more lot of tickets for the CCOSC Midsummer Madness BBQ on Saturday, tonight.

Quite a number of people have been commenting on Dave Macs flatulence during the week. Its amazing what gets people going and creates talkability. Either way it was only a bit of fun. Maybe next time one of us will shit ourselves.

The next Argentinian game is on tomorrow, and Cork Talks Back is the offical supporters wing of Argentina in the World Cup, it'll be a tense time! Lots of soccer fans out there, and its a fine line keeping all entertained, from them to the World Cup widows. Its a wee bit quieter in the early hours of the show, due to the bloody matches but we're still pulling off solid shows. No matter what medium your in, its always gonna be tough to compete with such an event like the World Cup!

Anyway, thats my lot for the day. I may well be clambering up Hungry Hill over the next few days so If Im not on the air on Sunday night, Im after getting a banger!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The P45 Sponsored Indoor RedFM World Cup

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The opening, and quite possibly the closing game between Argentina and Portugal!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Seems like Get It Off Your Chest Sunday is really taking off if last night is anything to go by. Random people ringing in with Random rants. From car insurance quotes of 11grand to 3.5 years waiting for a driving test, Cork is definitely getting things off its chest!

The World Cup has kicked off and the official team of Cork Talks Back, Argentina are off to a flying start. Predictions for the final I would think! We'll see what happens. Maybe the can wheel Maradona out if the going gets tough!

My Saturday was spent at a wonderful wedding. Granted, I nearly combusted by being in a church too long. One of the highlights of the night, was some guy falling asleep and subaequently falling off the chair all while being zonked. A few people sat him up, and he was still asleep...typical. Weird thing was, hes feet were still tapping to the music. Maybe it was a nervous twitch. The misfortunes of too much booze. Hopefully hes woken up by now! I was designated driver for the evening, which doesnt bother me anymore if truth be told. At my age, the thoughts of a shit head in the morning arent very appearling...oh the sarcasim. Anyways, Ger is driving for the next wedding. Im not a big fan of the build up to a wedding, too much fuss. Once I get there though, I enjoy the thing! We got home for about 3, and the dog hadnt been left out since 14 hours previously. I had originally planned on coming home half way through to leave him out, but I decided not to bother. I envisoned coming home to have the walls sprayed with dog shit, but in fairness the little fecker didnt do anything. I do think he made love to his blanket though.

Not much else going on, the MTV movie awards are Sky+d so Ill get around to checking them out in the next week or so! Short blog today Im afraid! Off to make something resembling a lunch!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just a quick few bits from the phone. Cork Talks Back is officially supporting Argentina for the World Cup. Myself and producer, Dave Mac are pictured with an official Hand of God T-shirt, and NO, there not horns Im growing!! Big up to Stevie G for supplying the merchandise!

Theres also some serious animal cruelty going on, as is witnessed in the above pic! Wedding tomorrow and thats it for me! Back on the air Sunday!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Short and sweet today. Captain Americas lunch vouchers up for grabs among the usual madness later on!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just in case you missed it yesterday, the photoblog is updated with lots of pics!

Post Number 292

Hard to believe that this is blog update 292. Like the show, sometimes I find this blog is like therapy!

By now some people are outside exam halls, chillin' and letting the stress flow out of themselves after the first Leaving / Junior Cert exams. Sure theres a good bit to go, but in my day (here we go) once the first one was over it set up the mood. Even if you were away on a far off planet and suddenly crashed back down in Carrigaline you would know it was State exam time. The weather, its always the same when the Leaving and Junior is on. Sun smashing the stones into shite! For anyone that is still unsure as to what this means, basically when the exams are over, the summer is over. Then we'll be experiencing our annual, wonderful Irish summer. If your reading this and are doing either the Leaving or the Junior, be cool. Just relax and DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! Its not the end of the world! If you fuck it up, fuck it. Nothing you can do about it. Maybe you could have worked harder, maybe those cans of cider WERE a bad idea but either way, it aint worth dying over!

Republic of Loose let loose yesterday evening at the station. Like a complete ghoul, I forgot about it, even though I was plugging it the night before. I got out to the station and the lads were playing for about 20 minutes by that time. The atmosphere was electric. This was an invite only gig, with only about 40-50 people and the place was absolutely hoppin. Check the video down below, if you havent already! If you heard the start of Cork Talks Back last night, Colm was kind enough to play one of the tracks that was recorded from the gig! Wishing I was heading to the Savoy for their gig, but work beckons!

Finally discovered why Sunday night was fairly quiet...The phone system was dead. There was an email floating around, which said the phones were antsy, but I didnt think it would affect our 1850 number. So bearing that in mind, we done quite well! Last nights show was firing on all cylinders, with the phones back to boot. Huge response to the state of the beaches last night, and in particular to one or two callers. I know some other radio shows covered this yesterday as well, but we started it on Sunday night (had to get that in there!!!!! :) . As one caller said to Dave last night, none of the other shows let loose like Cork Talks Back!

With that, Im off to put on a pair of jocks, as Im sitting here naked. Hopefully that hasnt ruined your lunch!


Republic of Loose Video

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As promised...Savage atmosphere out in the station this evening...savage! Hello to all who wanted to get a photo taken with yours truly. Hopefully I didnt ruin the shot :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A whole 7 days have passed by since I last updated the blog. I do apologise, but walls and up them spring to mind. Lots of you have been looking at the all singing all drumming RedFM crew on the videos down below and keep yer eyes peeled for more videos coming here soon!

Not a great deal to report since last Tuesday except the following. After a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really long day on Thursday myself and the Mac headed into the Brog, as usual for a wind down. Follwing that and between yakking and god knows what else I got home for close to 4. As I was driving home, dawn was breaking through ever so slightly. As most of you know I got a new cam recently and the argument was going through my head, "Go out and take the sunrise for an oul few photos like". Eventually I gave in to the voices in my head (very dangerous) and was driving around Cobh at 430 am. I sat in Whitepoint, tripod and all at around 5:20am and watched the sun come up. There will be some photos of this later on in the photoblog. Ger rang me at 6:20 thinking I was either drunk and asleep in someones house, or I was wrapped around a lampost. The "Im out with the camera" didnt go down to well. I got home for around 6:45am and spent the next hour going through the pics (Nerd or what) and getting rid of the shite ones. Went to bed, got up at 12pm Friday, went back to sleep till 3pm and fed my parents later on in the evening.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 6am with some weird jetlag like feeling, and decided to get up, and stay up. We went off the Fota Saturday morning, again bringing the camera, and I got some really good shots, which Ive decided to enter into the Digital Photographer of the year competition. Sunday, we were 6 years together and decided to buy a "proper" BBQ. Most of Sunday was spent sweating and putting the fucker together, and Sunday evening was spent eating some nicely BBQ'd grub with a few bottles of vino and the likes. Was back on the air last night, and to be honest it was quietish. Normal service resumes later on.