Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The one about Anal Sex with Kylie

Christmas has been and gone, as has New Years! Not the best Xmas Ive had, for reasons I wont go into here and at this stage, Im glad its gone! I was playing in Marikibo on New Years Eve, but I was fortunate enough to convince Ger to come with me, so I wasnt left on me todd on the 2 minutes of Auld Langsye, or however you spell it!!!

On a completely different note, Im not a huge fan of Kylie Minogue but she did wake me up this morning. I seemed to be dreaming of Kylie and ended up having anal sex with her, which was all very vivid. Lube and everything. The moral of this quick tale is, there are worse things that could wake you up! Now that I think about it some more, I shouldnt be posting it on the blog, but deleting the whole thing at this stage is to much effort!

For any regular readers out there, the blog will crawl back into normality this week, as my brain slowly but surely come out of hibernation! As I peek out the window, I see God is pissing on me garden again! Its bucketing down. At this stage, Im nearly sure anytime I wash the car, it has an effect on the weather! I washed and waxed on Saturday and Saturday afternoon I done the same with the car. Within an hour of the car being spruced up, down comes the Holy Pee! It hasnt stopped since! From now on, I wont be washing the car anymore and with some divine intervention, the rain will stop!

The one about Brake The Cycle

Happy New Year! Yes I know its the 9th of the month, but upon gazing back at the vast amount of updates over the holidays, I noticed there was no New Years Greetings! Before I get down to moaning or whatever, heres some pics from last nights Brake The Cycle launch, compliments of Phils blog.

There was a fantastic response on the show to Brake The Cycle last night! Lots of callers and texts were of the sentiment "We've taken the foot off the pedal a bit" after hearing the ads and the interviews! Hopefully this will save lives! Its a different approach, compared to other road safety campaigns and after doing road safety on the show from various angles, over the years I think this will have very positive results. At the end of the day (NOT in a Keano accent) Drive like an Idiot, Die like an idiot! Its simple really!!!!!