Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The one with Shayne Ward

Just got it on very good authority that Shane Ward will be at the launch of Live at the Marquee at the Boardwalk tomorrow morning @ 11

The one with Wolverine

Lookin' good! 

The one with Paris Hilton "Freestylin"

I like Snoop! Ive been listening to him for donkey's years. I like the DoggFather. Its one of the few bits of reality TV muck that I can actually tolerate.  But what in the name of shizzle 
is the D-O-Gx2 doing with Paris Hilton. Surely the producers aint that stuck for a guest. Its major cringeness when she goes "Aight".

Is there anything Paris Hilton is good for.....No. Not that either. Ive seen the video.

The one with the Lost and the Damned

Just got to spend some time with the new DLC for GTA IV on the Xbox 360. Wow! Wow! and yes you guessed it Wow!
In a nutshell, you play Johnny Klebitz (who had a briefish role in GTA IV) and thunder around with a motorbike gang! With all the usual GTA IV style madness! Personally, it almost feels like a totally different game and not a piece of DLC at all. Its the same graphics engine, the same city, but feels very, very different! One of the most substansial pieces of Downloadable Content in quite some time! The download comes in at just under 2GB and is ready to go once you pop in your original GTA IV disc. Theres a whole load of new multiplayer modes over Xbox Live in there as well, which are off the charts!

This DLC had been delayed time and time again, but was it worth the wait? Damn f%&kin right it was!

And at only 1600 MS Points on Xbox Live, its a bargain!