Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2 Pics from last night. Unfortunately my battery was dead in the cinema, so no pics of the crowds, sorry! Next Tuesday night, for the Failure to Launch screening Ill have a full charge! Great crowd at the Inside Man screening though, and they all got a shiny RedFM mug to assist in their beverage (hot or cold) consumption.

Huge reaction to our Aqua Spa Kids to Mother Pamper Package giveaway last night. Its back again tonight and Thursday. The prize consists of a Balneotherapy bath and an Elemis Taster Facial. The Balneotherapy bath has 240 jets. I dont know how big it is, but 240 jets!!!!!

It was a really busy show last night with one caller in particular almost boasting about spending 250 a week on weekly shop in M&S! She wouldnt venture into any of the other stores, because she liked her quality. Hopefully on Thursday night she'll be in studio, and just for the crack we will have a blind food test! Its only when you move out of your Mammys home that you appreciate how difficult a weekly shop is. Im probably the worst person in the world when it comes to doing it. Im a real impulse buyer and throw more shite into the shopping trolley than is needed. It is hard to decide "What'll we have for dinner next Thursday" especially when its a Friday. We've tried it the weekly way, the daily way, the bi weekly way and none of them work. Why is the whole food shopping thing so difficult, maybe its just me! The times Ger goes shopping on her own its around €60 cheaper than if I go with her! Says it all really.

Thats about it for now, Ill try and squeeze in another update later this evening! Im running off to a meeting now!

Alright, Im driving to it!