Thursday, February 02, 2006

One more to go after this update, and I can go back to my regular "style" of posting, or maybe not.

Very good turn out for the Walk The Line screening last night in the Gate and some very cool movie merchandise to boot! I even had one guy singing Ring Of Fire, so things went down very well. The only problem with last night was the bloody parking. Took me ages to find a space, and even then Im not sure it was a space. More like an area to abandon your car!

Very busy show last night again, but the sexual fantasies thing, well it didnt go down as well as I thought. Recently some listeners cant get enough, but we pulled it last night after 15 minutes and moved on! Some you win, some you lose...and so on!

Thats it for today, short and sweet...heres a few bits from last nights show, just to fill space :)

Late N Live Top 5 signs your not getting on with your collegues (7/2/05)

5 – You come to work every morning and remove the knife from the back of your chair

4 – You prefer to drink out of everyone elses mug except your own

3 – Things have never been the same since that incident involving Sheila from accounts, you and a pair of rubber gloves

2 – Not even the gay guy would give you some love at the last work party

1 – If somebody dies in the job your not invited to the funeral

LAST week, Joe Higgins compared Bertie Ahern with an ossified Iron Age corpse dug up from a bog in Meath. Cloneycavan Man. Look for 80 grand a year on makeup he looks far from an ossified Iron age corpse

An eager eBay punter has bid A$61,101 (€37,988) in an online auction of 'A weekend with four blokes in Sydney. Words cant describe this one. For that kind of money you could probably get Jake Gyllenhal and Heath ledger to come around the house and ride bareback…on horses