Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bottle insertions and being on the other side of the ditch, all cropped up last night in a jammed pack show! I gotta say I was more thrashed than usual after getting off the air last night, twas pretty intense as a man once said somewhere in Skibereen.

I dont have a great deal of time on my hands at the moment, but the following is from todays Indo

A MAN who drank six litres of cider at a party went on to steal a goat and take it on a joyride, a court heard. Drunken Carl Anthony Myles took a shine to 11-month-old Snowy as he walked home from a party last month. Neath magistrates' court heard that, after leading the goat from a local smallholding, Myles put it in the back of a Volvo car belonging to a farmer Huw Leyshon who lived nearby. He was apprehended by Mr Leyshon after crashing his car into a tractor. Snowy died two days later.

With that, Im going to leave the blog update till tomorrow when my head is properly screwed on!