Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The one thats a small take on Google Chrome

So about 40 mins ago, Google launched Google Chrome

It downloaded and installed in seconds, and man is it fast. During random browsing it rips through pages, but at times it ground to a halt if a video made an appearance. I know its a BETA, so alls excusable, but Im lovin it so far!

The one with google, lions and salt

Fairly shortly, Google are about to jump into Internet history again, by releasing a beta web browser. Its called chrome. Its about to launch any minute now. No doubt there is a queue of geeks forming around their PCs and Macs as I type this. At some point this afternoon I'll go off and grab it, at my ease (says he who's checking the Google blog every 2 minutes) and have a nose. Maybe porn will look better on it, who knows.

The following may seem very, down the local shop conversation, but the weather is an absolute fuck up. I've got feck all opportunity to cut the grass and its so tall at this stage its probably easier to sell the house and move somewhere else, than cut the bloody thing. I'm sure I saw a lion wandering around in it yesterday. Maybe it was the lion that escaped from Belfast Zoo. But it wasn't a lion, it was a dog. That's some big feckin dog! How does one get a dog confused with a lion. Maybe it chewed on someones shoes as opposed to ripping out their stomach through their arse.

On another note, last night I made the startling announcement that there is no salt in RedFM. And duly started up the Salt Aid campaign. How this works is fairly simple. If you send me sachets of salt and include your name and address, I will send you a fantastic RedFM car sticker which is far better than putting a Nike stripe on your love wagon. So, salt sachets to

Victor Barry

And rest assured that you are helping a great cause. Think of the many members of RedFM staff that you will help! Don't leave us have chips without salt any more! Send your salt sachets!