Sunday, May 31, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Drag me to Hell

If your only experience with Sam Raimi is the Spiderman movies, then you’ve missed out on the evil dead series and thus missed out on a master at work. So it was with great anticipation that I went off to see Sam Raimi return to his horror roots.  


Alison Lohman plays Christine Brown who works as a loan officer in a bank. She gets cursed after refusing a mortgage extension and bringing “shame” upon a gypsy. If she cant get rid of the curse within 3 days, all the time while being paid a visit by a goat like demon, she’ll be dragged to hell. From there on in, its time to strap on the seatbelts for a full on, bad ass rollercoaster ride. Eyes are stapled shut,eyes go flying out of sockets and come to think of it, alot of the gore revolves around eyes. Either way, lots for you to get completely grossed out by!


There’s plenty of great little frights that’ll make you jump in Drag me to Hell but there not as bad and frightening as you were lead to believe from the brilliant trailer. This makes the movie all the more enjoyable as your not completely gripping the seats or tearing the flesh off the arm of the person next to you.


Plenty of slime, goo and god knows what else fill up the screen and there’s very much a sense and style of the Evil dead series here (as to be expected) and that is no bad thing! The acting is a bit wooden at times, but for the best part the lead roles do their job and for this type of movie you cant really expect it to win Oscars.


You wont need to bring 4 or 5 changes of underpants, just the one should suffice, and the ending, while some might find predictable, I found it absolutely brilliant! Drag me to Hell is brilliant popcorn horror and a great return to form for Sam Raimi and If you learn anything from this movie, its don’t refuse a gypsy a loan extension.  I really enjoyed this!


The one with last night!

Opening night at Club D'Ville. Stunning looking club with a brilliant crowd to boot!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The one with cheese rolling!

Heres the vid from this years Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire! Check the dude in with the horse's head! Uber violence! Brimming with awesomeness?

The one with the last few days

Right, haven't had a “proper” update here in a bit! So will avail today!

Last few days have been pretty demented (hence no full blown blogging shenanigans). I’ve always been tinkering around with the film and writing lark and ever before I discovered radio, it was always my first love. I’ve made plenty of short flicks and 3D animations and so on, but it all started to slide when I got into radio. So after much thought and the whole thinking about doing it as opposed to doing it, I got the camera back out a few weeks back and got writing again. I have books full of shite written  to get out there so it was nice to get back at it full pelt!

Last Thursday, I shot the first few scenes for A/S/L (see below), then after 4 hours sleep I shot another bulk of it on Saturday and then Sunday was pencilled in to shoot the final scenes in the Pavilion. Sunday was the day that I melted down and made shit of the office (ya know the office, the converted back bedroom office) and fucked up an external HD to boot. So in between shooting, editing, organising the wedding, went to another wedding and doing the show it was a pretty full on week of carry on! I didn't see TV for a week and came in last night and sat down and watch Kerry bloody Katona! That's what sleep depravation does!

Anyway, I got the competition cut together (running time 3 mins) and then spent another day and a bit trying to sort out the feckered HD. So If anyone wants to send a medal my way, then that’s great! Make sure its one of them chocolate ones!

And I ran out of money in a shop yesterday! Decided to be nice to the wife to be and treat her to a Romantica (They didn't have Hagen Daz or Ben & Jerrys FFS) as a surprise and got meself a lotto ticket as well. The Romantica came in at 7 fuckin euro, the lotto came in at 4 euro and the miserable packet of sweets came in at 1.20 Of course I didn't have enough for the sweets! First time it happened in about 25 years!

And another thing! All these feckin election posters. They’re beginning to make me nauseous. Vote number wan! Vote number wan! Why the hell should I vote number 1 for someone who hasn't called to the door or indeed when their little helpers call to the door they cant answer any questions and just grunt and hand over the pamphlet! Fuck off!

Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That felt good!!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The one with A/S/L

Righto, been very busy for the last week with this. Bare in mind this is the competition edit, which had to be 3 minutes. I have some more footage that was cut for the running time, but I will get the "Extended" edition up here at some point in the next week! Anyways, let the awards and ridicule begin! Well mainly ridicule!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Night at the museum 2

There was always going to be a sequel for Night at the Museum, after all it made over $250,000,000 at the box office, so could even more money be squeezed out of the franchise? Well, Night at the Museum 2 has arrived, and no doubt it will make loads more cash, based on how popular the first movie was. But as well we know, from time to time, popular movies aren't necessarily good movies….or are they???

A few years have passed and Larry Daley (Stiller) has become quite well off after inventing things like glow in the dark flashlights and the likes. From time to time, Larry likes to revisit his old job and wander around the Museum of Natural history. When every one leaves and the sun goes down, all the exhibits once again, come back to life.But all is not well, the new museum curator (Gervais) is getting rid of the old exhibits, and is replacing them with new interactive gadgets. It turns out that the current exhibits are all going to be shipped to the Smithsonian in Washington, to the Federal archives. Well, all bar one or 2 exceptions, including Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) who has a very small role this time round.


In turn, Larry heads off to Washington and from there, the whole Smithsonian comes to life and Jedediah (Wilson) and Octavius (Coogan) are captured by Kahmunrah. So then we’re off in a rescue mission and so on and so forth.


While Stiller reprises his role as the night guard, he doesn't do much to set the screen alight. I have no idea why Ricky Gervais is in this movie. He adds nothing to it, and his performance is forced and false. The rest of the supporting cast are quite good, in particular (Mr.Simpsons voice actor) Hank Azaria who is superb as the baddie Kahmunrah as is Steve Coogan as the Roman dude. Special mention as well to Amy Adams who plays the “I flew the Atlantic and I'm a woman” Amelia Earhart. Other than that, the rest of the eye candy involves some pretty superb special effects, including the statue of Abe Lincoln coming to life, and a very loveable Octopus. All the CG characters are quite funny and well done, but the poor ol T-Rex and many of the originals characters don't feature as prominently as they did, and are replaced with nothing too exciting, with the 2 obvious exceptions already mentioned.NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2

This movie will be wonderful for kids. Its big and brash and what kid hasn't dreamt of things coming to life after dark in a museum. There’s not really enough here for the adults though. The humour is pretty low scale through out, even the monkeys fail to raise a laugh and bar the occasional giggle (mainly between Stiller and Jonah Hill near the beginning) there’s not alot of comedy here, even for the younger audience. But they’ll be too busy being awestruck with huge walking statues and so on. I didn't hate this, I didn't love it. Its just a plain Jane, that never really goes anywhere.On a final note, Night at the Museum 2 will be great for kids, bearable for the adults who bring the kids, and for the adults who go on their own it’ll be just another bland comedy with some very well done special effects, which will be quickly forgotten about.

9/10 (If your a kid)
7/10 (If your the parents who brought the kids)
6/10 (If your just the couple on a date movie)

The one with the onion again!

Awesomeness as usual!

Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The one with a moan – sort of -

Well, back to normality after a night off last night and the blog now comes back to some normality (as if you could call this blog normal) as well.

I enjoy going away, as a matter of fact I love getting away when it suits me, because at times I am quite happy to glue my ass to the couch and not move. What I do hate about going away (and I reckon this is the same for a lot of people) is coming home. And the following may not be similar to other people.

I hate coming home to

No Air Bridges
A not so great selection of ethnic restaurants
A not so great selection of bakeries
A not so great selection of shops
A poor public transport system
Zero Cherry Coke and zero cherry 7up
The whole “Era sure, that’ll do!” attitude

I can live without the air bridges and and deal with the rest and so on, but why in the name of Christ do we not have a selection of cherry flavoured beverages here (and Dr.Pepper doesn't count)?
It always amazes me. Yes Cherry Coke was for sale here in the 1700’s or something and then it disappeared. Apparently an Asian shop and Boots in the Jervis Centre, both in Dublin, stock it! As cherry craved as I am, I’m not going to drive a few hundred miles for a bottle. That said I’m toying with the idea of buying it online, but the shipping is nearly more expensive than the actual product. So I always suffer from these come home blue’s, and its true what people say, its always the small things that make the difference. Coca Cola are you listening??? Because I’m always worried, the bottles I put into my luggage will explode mid flight from pressure or something. And then I’ll be squeezing it out of t-shirts for a month! FFS



Monday, May 18, 2009

The one on the B Day

The oul birthday has arrived again, and not gonna be on air tonight as a result. For now that is all. All birthday donations to the usual address (minimum €500). On another note, cheers for all the mails and comments on facebook etc.etc.etc.etc.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The one with London

Went off to London for a couple of days (haven't been in a few years). Great time, particularly impressed with Harrods. If your interested in the pics, scroll on down, otherwise wait for tomorrows update!

DSC01348 (Large) DSC01352 (Large) DSC01357 (Large) DSC01359 (Large) DSC01362 (Large) DSC01363 (Large) DSC01364 (Large) DSC01365 (Large) DSC01370 (Large) DSC01371 (Large) DSC01375 (Large) DSC01378 (Large) DSC01379 (Large) DSC01383 (Large) DSC01386 (Large) DSC01387 (Large) DSC01388 (Large) DSC01404 (Large) DSC01407 (Large) DSC01409 (Large) DSC01417 (Large) DSC01421 (Large) DSC01426 (Large) DSC03773 (Large) DSC03774 (Large) DSC03776 (Large) DSC03777 (Large) DSC03778 (Large) DSC03786 (Large) DSC03787 (Large) DSC03788 (Large) DSC03793 (Large) DSC03794 (Large) DSC03796 (Large) DSC03797 (Large) DSC03798 (Large) DSC03799 (Large) DSC03800 (Large) DSC03802 (Large) DSC03803 (Large) DSC03808 (Large) DSC03811 (Large) DSC03816 (Large) DSC03817 (Large) DSC01432 (Large) DSC01435 (Large) DSC01439 (Large) DSC01440 (Large) DSC01441 (Large) DSC01442 (Large) DSC01444 (Large) DSC01445 (Large) DSC01449 (Large) DSC01450 (Large) DSC01452 (Large) DSC01453 (Large) DSC01454 (Large) DSC01457 (Large) DSC01459 (Large) DSC01461 (Large) DSC01462 (Large) DSC01464 (Large) DSC01466 (Large) DSC01471 (Large) DSC01474 (Large) DSC01483 (Large) DSC01488 (Large) DSC01490 (Large) DSC01497 (Large) DSC01498 (Large) DSC01499 (Large) DSC01500 (Large) DSC01501 (Large) DSC03740 (Large) DSC03745 (Large) DSC03746 (Large) DSC03747 (Large) DSC03749 (Large) DSC03750 (Large) DSC03753 (Large) DSC03757 (Large) DSC03760 (Large) DSC03762 (Large) DSC03766 (Large) DSC03767 (Large) DSC03768 (Large) DSC03769 (Large) DSC03770 (Large) DSC03772 (Large)