Monday, January 31, 2005

That Top 5 update wasnt too painfull. So what have I been up to, I hear one person at the back ask. Just been busy with "things" really. I did manage to see 3 amazing movies, The Aviator, Ray and House of Flying Daggers. The House of Flying Daggers has become one of my all time favourite movies, simply brilliant. Ive always been a fan of Asian cinema, granted they've been sporadic delvings in the last few years. Check it out if you can, sure its subtitled but who gives a toss.

From a show perspective we seem to be off to a flying start for 05. Just from listener reaction alone, we're rocking. Ive had very positive feedback from various other sources too. Hopefully we should have a few more bits going into the show in the next week or so........mainly a quiz of kinds. I feel our movie roulette wheel has run its course for a while, plus we lost one of the CDs!

Im looking forward to the opening of Mahon point, its something that Cork greatly needed. Im a bit disappointed not to see one of the big English electric stores going into the retail park. Limerick have them, why cant Cork? All in all though it sounds great. Im curious to know how long the hot dogs and the cheesy nachos will last in the new cinema there. They've never lasted in any other cinema in Cork from what I remember. What am I like, worried about cinema food...jesus!

Righto, out the gap.

Big Top 5 Update, Huge infact!

Late N Live Top 5 signs it’s the first few days in January (3/1/05)

5 – The only change you can get from a shop is a gift voucher

4 – You read it somewhere on a calendar

3 – Its so cold even Mary Harney isn’t sweating

2 – Your after suffering a janurary sale related injury

1 – Your still eating that damn turkey

Late N Live Top 5 New Years Resolutions by Cork people (4/1/05)

5 – Curry with no chips

4 – Give us a break we’re only back 2 days

3 – Only go bottle fighting on Pana once every 2 weeks

2 – Restrict alcohol intake to Weddings, funerals, birthdays and weekends

1 –Try and get a ticket to the City of Culture opening

Late N Live Top 5 signs your on a bad new years diet (5/1/05)

5 – The diet your on comes with a disclaimer that reads May not work for everyone

4 – You're not allowed to eat during months with an "R" in them

3 – One of the tips is to get a salad with your big mac

2 – You know you shouldn’t have to puke to lose weight

1 –Your ass size is gone from a Lopez to a Harney

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard during little womans Christmas (6/1/04)

5 – MMMMMMMm sound effect

4 – So then the milkman came round, and I wouldn’t mind the postman had only just gone

3 – There aint nothing little about a size 24

2 – The last time I saw a body like that I was trying to get underneath it

1 – Its womans little Christmas you idiot

Late N Live Top 5 things you didn’t want to hear from a guy at the Cork 2005 launch (10/1/05)

5 – The last time I heard so many bangs, I was staying in a cheap hotel

4 – Watch your step there love, I just got sick

3 – Ya know I got my own inflatable at home

2 – Ya I got a good deal on a loan off Sean Og

1 – I stay up longer than the fireworks

Late N Live Top 5 signs you’ve spent to much money in the January Sales (11/1/05)

5 - Credit card statement hand delivered by someone from Visa

4 – Person from Visa refuses to leave your house until you make a minimum payment

3 – You’ve spent more than your wife, and lets face it, that’s impressive

2 – The only thing left in your wallet is that condom from 2002

1 – Nothing works, nothing fits and you’ve no reciepts

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard at the Late N Live Top 5 1 Year Anniversary Party 12/1/05

5 – Whod have thought it takes him a whole week to write each top 5

4 – Isnt this a half arsed version of the david letterman top 10, literally

3 – Sometimes its actually funny

2 – Yeah, but this isn’t one of those times

1 – Look, theres Mr.Barry…naked ontop of the photocopier

Late N Live Top 5 signs that digital camera you got for Xmas was a bad idea (13/1/05)

5 – You still don’t know how to work it

4 – The only time you took some nature photography you got arrested

3 – You’ve decided that it was a bad idea to lend it to your parents on their “weekend away”

2 – When it comes to taking a pic of yourself nude, nothing seems to work, and we’re not talking about the camera

1 – Your more popular than Paris Hilton when it comes to downloads

Late N Live Top 5 reasons you didn’t win a golden globe (17/1/05)

5 –Brown Envelope not big enough

4 – If your name is Paris Hilton, aren’t you expecting a little too much

3 – Its that age old excuse again, actually we couldn’t come up with a number 3 to be honest

2 – Hello! Did you see anyone from Cork nominated for one

1 – That damn Clint Eastwood

Late N Live Top 5 features of a really scary haunted house (18/1/05)

5 –Colin Farrell, without a pint in his hand

4 – On the wall hangs a movie poster for Charlies Angels 3

3 – A very hungry health Minister

2 – Step-by-step demonstration of how a chicken becomes a mcnugget

1 – The possibility michael Jackson might jump out and say “wanna come to my place”

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard at President Bushs in augaration (20/1/05)

5 – There sure are a lot of fat ugly women here, oh look theres Bill Clinton

4 – Look Dick Cheneys daughter is getting it on with a man…sorry, its only Rosie O Donnell

3 – Man, those bush twins have been on the booze again

2 – Whod have thought I would be so difficult to say I do

1 – Whod have thought there would be loads of snow here, well george will feel right at home

Late N Live Top 5 signs your getting stressed out (24/1/05)

5 – Anytime your asked to cook, you make a Molotov cocktail and ask when and where

4 – Family pet has decided to go and live with the neighbours

3 – People no longer ask you questions, instead they feel its safer to email them

2 – Doors no longer need hinges in your house

1 – When it comes to sex night the only thing that you can pop is an anadin

Late N Live Top 5 things over heard when Ray Bruke arrived in Prison (25/1/05)

5 – Of all the famous people to go to prison we get this guy

4 – Hes a big man alright, Id say hes eaten plenty of meat in his time

3 – Lux or Imperial Leather

2 – Looks like we finally have a great teacher!

1 – I wonder does he take a shampoo AND a conditioner into the shower

Late N Live Top 5 prison pick up lines (26/1/05)

5 – Wanna borrow my soap

4 – Actually my real name is Sheila

3 – Look we haven’t been in prison yet, so we’re having trouble with this one

2 – So yours is the top bunk, got room for one more

1 – A former minister.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Late N Live Top 5 signs you’re spending too much time in bed (27/1/05)

5 – Bed doesn’t have as much soakage as it used to

4 – The only love of your life is a lavender pillow

3 – You look like Tom Cruise in that Castaway movie

2 – Your sheets are so stiff you could cut them up and use them as crackers

1 – The bed bugs don’t bite anymore, now they’re actually down to the bone


Havent been here in nearly a month, sorry. I promise It wont be as long the next time, maybe 2 weeks!. Loads of updates for the Top 5 so......