Saturday, December 24, 2011

The one on Xmas Eve

I know, I know. You thought this place was like a Kardashian. One step away from total obscurity.

Anyway, thank you all for listening throughout the year after we made the biggest change in the stations history.

More importantly, have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2012! Lets hope Roland Emmerich is wrong.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


test post test post

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The one with a birthday blog

Dear blog, even though the updates have slowed down to less than occasional, I still love you. Sort of. Your like a booty call at 5am. When there is nothing happening anywhere else, I know you're good for it.

So happy 7th birthday. I'll be round in a few weeks. X x x x x x

Thursday, October 06, 2011


I woke up this morning around the usual ungodly hour. First thing I do is reach for the iPod in it’s docking station and hit the snooze button. This morning for whatever reason, maybe a good nights sleep, I chose to shut down the alarm and have a quick browse through twitter, which is my normal routine, after about 20 punches of the snooze button.
The first thing I saw was that Steve Jobs had passed away. Being half asleep and bleary eyed, I reached for my iPad. Same thing there. An amazing visionary had passed away. My first words to my wife this morning were not good morning or anything of the sort. She was awoken to the words “Steve Jobs is dead!”
I’m kinda late onto the apple bandwagon ( I was always a windows buff), but I was always aware of what Apple and Jobs were doing as a kid. The likes of Jobs, Gates, Sinclair etc. were always inspirational in my young book.
My first interaction with any Apple product was in a school computer lab. And I was blown away. Not so much by what was on the screen, but the actual design and shape of thing, compared to the IBM compatible monsters that were also lurking around the same lab. It took the bare bones of nearly 20 odd years after that for me to buy the original iPod touch. And since then; Nano’s, more iPod touches, Apple TV’s and an iPad 2 all have been purchased. Honestly, I believe the iPad is one of the greatest pieces of tech ever invented. It doesn’t leave my side and I couldn’t get through the day without it. Even for my (almost) 15 month old.His first interaction with anything tech was an apple product. He’ll quite happily sit in front of my iPad banging drums on Garage Band or laughing at a movie or interacting with Elmo. I would have been lost in NYC or Dubai or London or anywhere else I’ve been without my iPod touch. It’s rarely used for listening to music. Instead it has gotten me around subways, provided directions and even booked restaurants for me thousands of miles away from home.
Steve Jobs along with his vision and drive have made a huge impression on me. So it’s with a heavy heart that I write this. And whilst this is an incredibly sad time for the Jobs family and all that knew him it also needs to be a celebration of what was most certainly an incredibly gifted human being. He has changed and inspired the world by how we interact and communicate with each other forever. His vision has changed how we read magazines, listen to music, the list is endless. His vision has changed my life and it has brought smile after smile to my son’s life. And for that, I say “Thank You, Steve!”
As individuals Steve Jobs has changed our lives in ways no one thought possible years ago.
And it is only today that we realise, there is more “ i ” in all of us than we ever knew!


Jamie O Sullivan sent me a great (albeit sad) shot taken earlier today of Apple's European headquarters in Holyhill, Cork.

Via Jamie O Sullivan's Flickr
Sad day today, with the passing of an amazing visionary, Steve Jobs. It wasn't only in the world of technology Steve made an impact. He made a huge impact in the world of movies. One word. Pixar.

So may he rest in peace. Steve Jobs, the man who turned i into we!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today is the day! The introduction of tolls to the Jack Lynch Tunnel is now a large possibility. For most people who use the tunnel on a regular basis, normally twice a day, at a toll (for example) of 1.80 each way, 5 days a week, that'll set you back €18 a week. Which is €936 a year. Which is a family holiday! Which is health insurance for a year! Which is a helluva lot if you don't have it!

There is a huge knock on effect right across the board if the tunnel is tolled. It will effect traders in Cork, as people divert into the city to avoid the tolls, and in turn will bring the city to a standstill. It will be chaotic. It will effect Mahon Point. It will increase the cost of taxis, if they use the tunnel. People are paying more than over the odds for petrol, insurance, car tax, tyres, servicing. The list goes on!

So, here's what we're asking YOU to do! Don't use the tunnel today, Thursday September 29th. If you have nearly an extra €1000 to blow, by all means drive through it! This is about standing up! This is about people power! This is about highlighting what happens if you have to pay to drive through a tunnel that is less the 1km in length. It's about highlighting what happens if you have to pay to drive through a tunnel that is less than 20km from another toll. Most importantly, this is about YOU!!!

If the tunnel is tolled, don't be the one saying "I should have or could have". Today is the day you say "I DID!"

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Take a read of this! Best email I’ve ever received.


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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Right then! Only a few hours to go before I head back to the airwaves on Monday morning. It’s amazing how quick 2 weeks can go. We spent a week in the Wicklow mountains in one of these…


which was great except it had a shitty TV…


But with views like this, who cares…


And when it didn’t rain there was an epic double deck…IMG_0585
We trundled around Bray and went to an aquarium, which to be honest, was a bit shite. Not a patch on the stuff they have in Dingle..


There was also some kind of Disneyland rip off on the Bray seafront , which was rather exciting as you can see…IMG_0712

After paying some carnie types to hook ducks and squirt water, the smallie done rather well…


From there we made for Howth to hang out with some of my “celeb” pals…Alas none were home, so we got fish and chips x 2 that cost 21 quid. That was after we took a hurricane swept walk on some well known pierIMG_0770

We then paid another 20 odd quid (on another day) to get into some place that had a few fields with some animals


It also had a maze, but it started raining and we couldn’t get lost..


On another day we decided to go to the Zoo and compliments of Google Maps we ended up here


Which was great except all I wanted to see was monkeys and shit on the particular day. Instead we continued taking directions from Google and ended up on the set of Braveheart (recognise the bushes?)


After much driving around Sally’s gap (or something) we eventually got some monkey action.. Who thankfully weren’t throwing shit, but rolling around in it instead. Evolution eh?


We also got to see the ape from those Clint Eastwood flicks…


From there we ended up on the set of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, where the Gorilla’s were more interested in breaking the fuck out of the glass..


We saw other shit too, like this orange pussy cat…


and a drunk Giraffe and passed out Rhino


The smallie started some exploring


And we ended up in some field near with a picnic, a waterfall and more skin eating flies than you’d see in a Concern advert on the TV. And we had to pay for the hassle as well


And then, on another day, we found that tower that’s on a billion copybooks…


There was plenty of other “antics” but for legal reasons, I can’t put them up here (or in other words, I can’t be arsed), but here’s a tasterIMG_1103
I’d certainly staycation it again, but I could have probably got a month in Dubai for what we spent…

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Thursday the 14th @ 18:46 I’ll have been a dad for exactly 365 days. More importantly, Cameron is the magic 12 months old.

It’s pretty mind boggling to think the last year has gone so quick. Professionally and personally it’s been a long, hard one but I’ve come out the other side.

I reckon we’ve gone through well over a thousand nappies in the last 12 months on an average of 3 a day. Not to mention formula and all the gadgets and shit that comes with a bambino. I wouldn’t change it for the world though. 366 days ago I never could envision myself as a Dad. I was never the one that was comfortable handling babies. I would dread the thought of visiting friends who had churned one out, as the “Have a hold there will ya” was inevitable. I never thought I could.

But, I, like millions of others, got on with it. Ger had a c-section, so the midwife done the first dirty nappy. After that, it was all me, for the best part for a few days, on the physical side of things. It’s funny how this “Your kid needs you, so wake the fuck up” instinct hits you like a tonne of bricks. It’s pretty mind-blowing actually. Even more mind-blowing was the absolute raw emotion of hearing that first cough from Cameron and what melted my head completely was him opening his eyes, looking into mine.

So it’s funny, to me at least, the way the last year has had an impact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody hard. Personal life can take a bit of a hit. Relationship’s can struggle. You might have to do a feed, in the early days at least, at 2am. But for me, that’s not the hard part. The hard part is the trips to the doctor, the trips to the A&E. That’s the hard part.The great parts though, are endless. The first smile, the first words, the first attempts to walk. That list is constantly growing.

Overall though, I can’t pay tribute enough to Ger who has being amazing throughout the last 12 months. Duck to water comes to mind. As for me,I can change a nappy blindfolded. I can not bat an eyelid at being covered in shit, puke and piss. I can get up after 3 hours sleep and be happy as larry playing with Cameron. And, contrary to my original thoughts, I can be a Dad. And it’s epically awesome.


Enough of my gushing!

Monday, June 20, 2011


For reasons beyond me, I left behind a small, Lowe Pro camera bag, with a 18-55mm lens and a filter inside. It was left behind at the viewing point on Lake Road in Cobh. It was left resting on a bin. On the very off chance that you or someone you know might have found it, please give me a shout.
It would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This blog is not dead! It may as well be I hear you screech, but time is something I just don’t have at the moment! There’s a tonne of shit to get on here from the first few months on air in the mornings, and I’ll start lashing on photos over the next while! All things on are still rocking away, and any spare moments have gone into that. The rest of the time is spent in meetings, being roared at and getting lashed with bamboo rods. And that’s just at home! And 10 months now into being a Dad is going rather damn well!


Other than that, all be well. The violent head pains are gone from the early morning risings. Sure, the earlyish to bed is a pain in the arse and I desperately miss Sunday nights on the show and I do genuinely miss the nights, but all told, things are seriously going well. And that’s not coming from me, I’m one of these perfectionist bastards where nothing is never good enough etc. but general feedback from the show is very, very good. Even some of the haters have started to move away from the darkside.

And for the haters that are still out there, well, a bribe of some afternoon tea and cakes could well be in order! And, my blog reading friends, that happens tomorrow!!!! Afternoon tea, on the radio, in the morning.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


At the beginning of March, I was discussing women and their hairy parts. Legs in particular. Many women made the point that it was an almighty pain in the hole to wax on a regular basis. So, would it be horrific if they didn’t shave / wax for a whole month? I put the call out and many responded, including these 3, who all got City Wax vouchers for their trouble!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Jesus Christ, I can hear you gasp. Those that still turn up here on a regular basis. Yes, an update.

So all change for yours truly. And its about time I put something on the record as it were. I’m a month into the schedule change, which literally spun me on my head by 12 hours.

For a long time now people have always wondered would I ever end up in the big talk show circus that happens every morning. The first week was utter brutality if I recall. Sleeping pattern’s were smashed into oblivion as I started to shift nearly a decade of being a night owl. The second week, things got a bit better and presently, as we roll into the fifth week I’m pretty spot on. But that first week, with the violent head pangs and wanting to go to bed at 7pm were a fucker.

The show at night done some pretty cool shit and there will always be an extremely special place in my heart for the old slot. The final show, for me on a personal level, was incredibly emotional. I couldn’t say it was the final night time show, but the raw emotion at the very end and a few choice words (much to the dismay of the powers that be) left people with no wonderings to what was going on. It was a damn long drive home that night. Like alot of people, I’m a creature of habit and absolutely hate change. And, again If I’m honest, I was very resistant to moving to mornings. In my head it made absolute sense. It was a no brainer, but my heart said otherwise. Either way, sometimes you gotta let your brain make the right decision.

It’s a different ball game in the mornings, as I’ve mentioned in an interview, I’m not going to be talking about exploding penises at 9AM, but to be fair, I haven’t really changed what I do. From the show side of things, I’m operating at a far faster pace and we’re getting more done, which is a good thing, particularly for a radio listener and mention must go to the production team which are busting their arse’s at the same time.

From the feedback I’ve gotten from a wide variety of sources, we’re certainly doing the right thing. That said, there has been a negative side of things as well, and that mainly is from areas where the schedule change might not fit into peoples own schedules. Alot of people miss the show at night and may not have the opportunity to hear it in the morning and so on. I understand that 100%, but you can’t hold a gun to my head because a schedule change doesn’t fit into your own. Saving grace of course is best bits from 11pm. But I do understand how people get pissed off, but if this is the worst thing you will deal with in your existence, your doing alright. Again, before you start shouting about it (again!) think about my schedule change and what it’s done to my life and my family life. Everything’s changed. And that includes the amount of time I spend with the smallie. And that’s damn tough, but I go and get it done!

There has been a number of comparisons to Gerry Ryan on more than a number of occasions, and I certainly view those as a gigantic compliment. And it’s great that people are making some form of connection with the show in the mornings. So, enjoy the ride that we’re after setting out on. If you like something, let me know. If you don’t also let me know. At the end of the day (thanks Keano) the show is and has always being about YOUR OPINION.

On a final point, morning radio, especially in the talk show circuit is certainly, as mentioned an almighty circus. And while I may not be wearing the ringmasters outfit just yet, I can see the dressing room and have all intentions of coming through that door with a fuckin chainsaw!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday, January 07, 2011


Hols over! Back on air Sunday night from 10pm! That is all!!!!


Saturday, January 01, 2011


So, here it comes…heeelllooooooooooooo 2011! Just a quick post (scheduled, don’t worry…as if you are anyway) to say thanks for dropping by in 2010. I hope you continue to drop by (even unannounced…but bring presents and stuff) in 2011, as it will be a memorable year!

To you and yours, Have a very happy and prosperous 2011!

Best Wishes (and stuff)