Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bottle insertions and being on the other side of the ditch, all cropped up last night in a jammed pack show! I gotta say I was more thrashed than usual after getting off the air last night, twas pretty intense as a man once said somewhere in Skibereen.

I dont have a great deal of time on my hands at the moment, but the following is from todays Indo

A MAN who drank six litres of cider at a party went on to steal a goat and take it on a joyride, a court heard. Drunken Carl Anthony Myles took a shine to 11-month-old Snowy as he walked home from a party last month. Neath magistrates' court heard that, after leading the goat from a local smallholding, Myles put it in the back of a Volvo car belonging to a farmer Huw Leyshon who lived nearby. He was apprehended by Mr Leyshon after crashing his car into a tractor. Snowy died two days later.

With that, Im going to leave the blog update till tomorrow when my head is properly screwed on!


Anonymous said...

hey vic i just had to talk about the show last night i was pulling the haire out of my head with that roger fela seriously were not alians he think we no nothing him and all his big words well i have a few big words for him that im sure he wouldnt understand like i tink tennagers sould be involved in the new legislation because most of the old croneys in the government dont understand wath its like to be a teenager these days they think its still the same as it was 40 years ago when they were there also that roger man dose he still think he knows more than a girl that has a baby at a young age his unreal and condoms should be availible in schools because ther would be a lot less pregnances i no a friend of mine is pregnant at 15 and its no funny thing peolple look down on her but if the government given her options it was less likly to have happend so whos in the wrong and you were right in saying about the catholic influence its unreal in the schools they really need to wake up into the 21st centuary anyway vic tanks 4 sticking up for us teens cuz most oolder people dont understand and there not all lucky with understanding parents

Vic Barry said...

Good one, whoever u are! No problem, glad to be able to help!