Thursday, October 11, 2007

The one with hand signals and love tunnels

If you've read this earlier, you may have noticed something! It was fucked up!!! Now its edited, fixed and non fucked up

Afternoon all. In between Stephen Ireland and everything else that went on during last nights show, one of the topics, spurned from the brains of our own News Editors (Lana) Echo column, was a new style of flirting. Those of you going out on the pull tonight or maybe over the weekend, take note.

If you do the oul hand across the throat motion, that by all accounts inplies you think that the poor soul your gawking is hot! On the other hand (no pun intended) if you start rubbing your hands together that signifies that you want to meet the hapless soul outside in 5 minutes. All this started out in New York, where 2 brain boffins of ladies decided to come up with some form of sign language, when they were trawling pubs and clubs for men. Now, rubbing the hands together, will have most people thinking your freezing. Considering most pubs and clubs get fairly hot with the masses of heaving bodies, any single folks will more than likely assume you have some demented fever.
The only thing you'll be getting pulled, after the throat motion, is a bottle from the back of your skull. But who I am to knock a new way of meeting someone. Whats the worst that can happen!

I sympathise with those of you who, like me in the past, never noticed the big flashing signs saying you cant drive
through Jack Lynch! Amazingly I managed to get home without incident last night. If theres anyone out there who can explain what exactly happens when they close the tunnel, please leave a comment. I'd love to know. Are they taping the thing up? Looking for leaks? Or even inviting a few lappers around for an oul bit of a tunnel of love scenario!

For the video game fans out there, Ill leave you with a little youtube clip!

The one with fans

I found this absolutely bonkers last night....Anyways; as promised, for those of you with fans willing to learn...from

If she appears briefly at the balcony, excitedly fanning herself, and quickly goes inside, leaving the balcony open:
"I’ll go out soon"

Resting the fan on her lips:
"I don’t trust you"

Fanning herself with her left hand:
"Don’t flirt with that woman"

Running her fingers through the fan’s ribs:
"I want to talk to you"

Slowly fanning herself :
"Don’t waste your time, I don’t care about you"

Quickly fanning herself :
"I love you so much"

Moving her hair away from her forehead.
"Don’t forget me"

Passing the fan from hand to hand:
"I see that you are looking at another woman"

Hitting her hand’s palm:
"Love me"

Carrying the fan closed and hanging from her left hand:
"I’m engaged"

Carrying the fan closed and hanging from her right hand:
"I want to be engaged"

Quickly and impetuously closing the fan:
"I’m jealous"

Dropping the fan:
"I belong to you"

Resting the fan on her heart:
"My love for you is breaking my heart"

Half-opening the fan over her face:
"We are being watched over"

Hitting any object:
"I’m impatient"

Hiding the sunlight:
"You’re ugly"

Looking closely at the painting:
"I like you"