Thursday, November 30, 2006

Drop Your Fear - video powered by Metacafe
Sometimes I find things unbelievalbe, like this. What do I find unbelievable today? the fact that one of Irelands biggest retail outlets when it comes to DVDs and video games (including rentals, especially rentals) cant tell me jack shit about the HD-DVD drive addon for the Xbox 360. Plenty of you have been buying HD TVs and projectors over the last while. With the exception of Sky HD and a fairly sooooopppeeedddd up PC not many will have experience true Hi Def. Thats gonna change tomorrow with the arrival of the HD-DVD Drive for the Xbox 360. As many of you know, one of my many vices is movie collecting. Last Saturday night was my official last purchase of anything on DVD. I picked up the new Jeremy Clarkson DVD. What a way to end a vast collection of movies, Jeremy bloody Clarkson. From here on in, its gonna be HD-DVD. I have the drive pre ordered for the last 2 weeks, but I decided to ring around, just in case Shop A dont get it and so on. The rubbish Im getting is nothing short of mindblowing.

"Oh that wont be out till next February"

"The Hard Drive is it, oh yeah we have that alright"

"Hang on and Ill ask someone, actually there all mounting each other in the back room. Call back in 2 minutes!"


Kudos to Gamestop as they seem to be the only retailer that have a clue of whats going on! It shouldnt be that hard should it for the other places. Maybe its XTRA work to figure out whats what or what GAME goes into what machine, but for feck sake yer getting paid to do a job, do it...or sign on!


Snatch Comedy are going to be in the final hour of the show tonight, so make sure you dont miss that as well as the usual stuff, on the show where tis Your Opinion That Counts!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A whole 5 days have passed, I believe, since this was last updated. So I may as well make it worth your while today....

Keeping with all things video, I never across this one before, but for any of you famous types out there, I believe its an instructional video on how to conduct yourself in an interview. Ben Affleck is some teacher!

Ill keep it in mind for that big interview with Anne Doyle some day....Cmon Anne, sit on my knee!

Dont ask how I found the above pic! Theres a new site out there which features nothing but pictures of women with wine. I know the internet is full of bizarre things like trampling over frogs with high heels, but is anyone out there gonna take their pants off to some wan slugging down some cheap vino..............fair point, I shouldnt have asked

I think this one explains itself

The net has been awash with the above image all morning. Somebody has "leaked" an image / still from the new Transformers movie. If theres mass killing of humans in this one, it could be good
Some long ass bridge in china

Some fellas with a 500 tonnes catfish..or something

Our Cork Lights Back campaign, could well kick off over the next few days, so make sure you keep checking the blog and tuning in on a nightly basis.

People are still talking about the Late Late intruder. If they have any sense and more importantly the know how on making a good tv show, the Late Late crowd should get the mad man back on the show this Friday night. Yes, a few feathers were ruffled and Pat probably thought "A situation I cant possibly handle, what will I do...I know....Ill say thanks". To be honest I dont care what this guy has invented, but Im more interested in watching him, langers, calling Pat an arsehole or whatever. If it gets out of hand all the auld Bridys can storm the stage and form a cirlce around Pat, to protect him. Im serious in this suggestion, if theres anyone from RTE reading this (and I know there are...for a fact!!!) get the drunken man on the show! Someone text my own show the other night, saying the Toy Show is on THIS Friday. Not sure if it is or not, but get him on that. Having him singing with the obligatory Westlife appearance. Have him call all the kids arseholes. When he decideds to trample and smash all the toys, dont cut to the adds!!!!
I experienced a similar incident last night, when some drunken mad man stormed the studio at the start of the show. Unlike RTE, I decided there and then to let it run and not take a song or ad break!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

There seems to be a certain confusion out there about the latest radio ratings. Not that people care that much but it is causing a "What the feck is going on" when stations are saying they are number 1. No matter how bad a ratings book, a station can always put a positive spin on it. As for Red, its a no spin zone with the latest JNLR book. Heres what I posted on the gaff

Just to throw my five cents into the well. Market Share is based on how long people listen to a station. Listened yesterday is the actual body of people who listen. So as it stands from yesterdays JNLR, RedFM is number 1 in the 15-34 demographic during the day when it comes to the listened yesterday ratings. At night Red is also number 1 in both the 15-34 sample AND All adults (Aged 0-190) again in the listened yesterday ratings.

Confirmed as the Number 1 Under 35 Radio Station across Cork - Listened Yesterday

Confirmed as the Number 1 Under 35 Radio Station across Cork - Weekly Reach

Delivering more adults each day than RTE Radio 1, RTE 2FM, Today FM and almost twice as popular as County Sound 103FM

Confirmed as Cork’s most popular night-time station – 33% ahead of its nearest rival

Thats official.
There was some cakes (the pic, which Ive robbed off Phils blog, to celebrate and I think a few of the wilder ones will be going for a glass of lemonade something soon.

So hopefully thats cleared things up! Going back to last night, one of the topics covered was the Dance For Life event coming up this Saturday at Redz. Our own Stevie G will be getting the dancing started. Check out the Dance4Life page or hook up with the bebo page! Its a great event and is raising the awareness about HIV and AIDS big time! If your an Xbox 360 owner you can also donate by downloading the Dance4Life video on Xbox Live. Its 150 MS Points! Fair play like!!!

I can feel the Xmas moan coming on. At the moment its around my ears. Now that said, it doesnt feel like Xmas, regardless of the lights the Xmas trees going up around the place. I guess it doesnt really feel like Christmas until some ignorant Share collector is ramming a collection box into your jaw!

  • What do I wear?
  • What dont I wear?
  • Heels or not?
  • Me Cat boots or me new going out "black" shoes?
  • Armani or that aftershave from Next?
  • McDonalds or (what seems to Corks most popular destination for dates) Luigi Malones?
  • Black jocks or no jocks?
  • Chick Flick or boring flick which will lead to boredom and fumbling?
  • Do I say I was in prison for killing my neighbours or not?
  • Do I say I have 9 kids or not?
  • What the fuck do I do if they dont turn up?
  • What the fuck do I do if they do turn up and pretend to waiting for someone else
  • Do I flash my wallet, showing its packed with rubbers or be a bit more subtle?
  • Overall car valet or just get rid of the Tayto packets in the back seat?
  • Am I capable of eating in front of another human, who I hope will open their legs at the end of the night?
And so on and so forth. Some of the many questions that are and should be asked on a first date! Believe it or not Ive gone on a fair few first dates and Ive survived most of them. As I said on the show last night, be wide of the chicken wings, particuarly if they are covered in a sauce so thick theres no chicken, just sauce on a bone! They say that (look I have no idea who They are, who does) what restaurant and more importantly how you eat in front of someone gives them an idea of what your like in the sack! I was fairly destroyed with BBQ sauce, so Ill leave the rest of it up to your imagaination! No bone jokes please!

So on a final note thanks again for making the show where its YOUR opinion counts, number 1 at night!

Lapper clubs and Munster tickets are just some of whats coming up tonight!!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Absolutely great news for the station. Check the results down below!!!!!!!!!

Confirmed as the Number 1 Under 35 Radio Station across Cork - Listened Yesterday

Confirmed as the Number 1 Under 35 Radio Station across Cork - Weekly Reach

Delivering more adults each day than RTE Radio 1, RTE 2FM, Today FM and almost twice as popular as County Sound 103FM

Confirmed as Cork’s most popular night-time station – 33% ahead of its nearest rival

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gears of War on Xbox Live Today 3pm (GMT)

Bang on 3pm today, Im going to host some multiplayer games. Simply add vicbarry to your friends list and pm me before 3.

Between 3 and 5 Ill be inviting people into the multiplayer games in rotation. So have your Gears of War in yer 360 at 3pm and roll on the skull crushing!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Download Gears of War Special!

As promised

Download my Gears of War Special with Cliffy B here

Thursday, November 16, 2006

How to win Gears of War

All I need is for people to text in their gamertag and their name to 086 8273336. I will be drawing 3 gamertags out of a hat later on! You must be over 18 to enter!!!

Gears of War Special Tonight!!!

Tonight is the night! From around 23.30ish (GMT) we're stopping the show in its tracks and giving you an exclusive Gears of War special. Its basically gonna consist of an interview with Cliff Bleszinski, the lead designer of GOW and at the end of it all Im going to give away some copies of the game for the Xbox 360.

Ive had lots of questions wondering how to win GOW and its going to be really, really simple! The only rules are you MUST own an Xbox 360 and you have to be over 18. When I give you the cue later on, you will have to text, IM or phone in your gamertag and your real name. After the GOW special I will then announce the winners! Couldnt be simpler!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Im gonna have to get in some practise with Gears of War online! As many of you know by know Ill be getting my skull smashed between 3 and 5pm on Saturday afternoon! Just add vicbarry to your friends list!

The little oul special is nearly complete for Thursday night and make sure you wait till the very end, as you never know what might happen :) Another marathon session of GOW was put in last night when I crawled home after the show. 5am this morning I decided to turn off the 360 and Im only after making a minor dent into the game.

Lots of tear jerking stuff last night about Suicide. Its a taboo subject for alot of people with many callers last night asking for the topic to be ended. To be honest I was a little shocked with the amount of callers that had personal experience of Suicide! Lots of people out there and when 6% of the health budget goes on Suicide prevention it doesnt add up. Maybe Suicide is the wrong word, considering it has been decriminilised here and theoretically it is impossible. What sounds better, "Oh he done himself in" There is no nice way of saying it. Ill be following up on this later on!

Thats it for now, if your new to the blog have a nose through the archives. You'll never know what you might find!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Gears have landed

I have to keep this shortish as I have very important work to attend to (ahem). Gears of War arrived at my desk last night and the show seemed to go on forever! Ive been waiting for this game for 2 years and it hasnt let me down! Got home and tore into it for 2 hours and a bit this morning. I wont bore you with stats or graphical engine data but all I can say is

Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Xbox Live Multiplayer - Fuckin Savage!

The game looks absolutely stunning. You can say the same about many super models. But looking good is only half the deal. The game plays superb, granted it takes a good 10 minutes to get used to the cover option, but once you get it down you'll be cutting locusts in 2 like a pro! Its one of the closet cinematic experiences in a video game that Ive come across. Ive been playing video games since I was 6. From Head over Heels to Commando and everything else in between! Gears of War ranks up at the very, very top. Cliffy B and the crew at Epic must be extremely proud as being one of the first companies to really deliver a true next generation video game!

Anyway Im off back!

Gears Of War

Just got an hour and halfs worth of play...all I can say so far is.....


More later on....hopefully!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Emergence Day is coming! Announcement here!!!

A very later than usual update today. Last night I briefly mentioned "Anybody know what Emergence day is?". Many people responded with a few words..GEARS...OF...WAR... I replied to those who knew telling them about what will be happening on Thursday night!

What will be happening is the following! I have just recorded an interview with Cliffy B (the lead designer on Gears of War) and will be packaging up a whole piece which will run just before midnight on Thursday night! The interview with Cliffy was extremely fun! Lets just say many of you will be expanding your vocab to include "Horstashio". All shall be revealed.

I will ALSO have some copies of the most anticipated game of the year, to giveaway.

In other news, I have a brand spanking new copy of Gears of War on my desk! Roll on midnight!

For all you WWE fans

Photos from the Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 launch in Dublin! William Regal and Fit Finlay!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

No update today. Im busy scratching my hole....or something. But in the meantime, check out the Red Patrollers brand new bebo page.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get in touch

Folks for a trial period we're adding another way for YOU to get in touch with the show. As well as email, text and phoning you can now IM me using

MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger. Instant Message me LIVE on the air!

Please add

to your friends list!

This made me smile!

Why stop the trend of the week so far...on this blog at least. Every other blog has being doing it for years.....

Kevin Federline is on the left, some weasel with a microphone on the right!

I wont ask about this one and neither should you. Some graduation party though!

Cameron Diaz, just doesnt have it anymore..for me anyway. In the above pic she looks like shes gonna read a few fortunes....or sell a few carpets!

Moscow apparently!

Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Weasel Federline. Who ever said this woman was stupid and brain dead was way out of line. Shes just a bit slow. She did divorce him...eventually!
Whats going to happen to K-Fed. I stand to be corrected, but I dont think they have a pre-nup, so he'll get a few million no doubt. Or will he? After all, dont pre nups start the moment you get married. Britney hasnt worked since they got married so maybe he wont get enough! I feel sorry for their kids though. They havent had a real Daddy yet and who knows when a real one will clamber into bed for daddy duties with Britney!

Air Freshners are wonderful, arent they? They disguise the smell of dog piss and shit quite well. They provide headaches for some as an added bonus. But recently enough, a new style of air freshner arrived. Im not sure when, but at least a couple of years anyway! The ones that sit on the wall on a little hook, that cant be removed without tearing down half the plaster board. The ones that take batteries. Yes, the automatic ones that take a canister of "Apple delight with a hint of burning dog" or whatever air freshner you can get into it. I wonder is it possible to get a can of Lynx into one of these yokes. Then the house could smell like "Africa"...hahaha...It wasnt really funny, but original though. Anyway, after a few weeks of these things running (we have 2) they start to sound like their dying. The wheezing and coughing out of them is just comical. It sounds like they've been smoking for 60 years and are on a death bed. Replacing the batteries would be the obivious option, but that just takes the fun out of it!

Thats my lot for today. Theres a puppy downstairs that will eat an entire table if I dont go down and feed him...and the freezer is full of chocolate cocks!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

As I ended with some pics yesterday, Im gonna start with some today and not forgetting the Kanye West moment. In other words, Ive got feck all to say really....

Yes, that is Jeri Ryan sprawled on the couch! Its amazing what plastic surgery can do, looks like the effects of Montrose have finally disappeared! The other pics, you can have your own fun with a "Fill in the caption" game.

Most people need to drive and to do this most of them take a few lessons before applying for a test. These lessons can involve a driving instructor, a family memeber or just driving the shit outta some oul banger around a ploughed field! After all this people get into a car and attempt to drive it. For anyone that has watched any cop show or even The Sopranos, you will have some idea if your being followed or, to use the correct term, tailed. Its all about being that bit subtle or something. Well the guy that was driving about the size of a small penis away from my boot last night, didnt do a good job. The fact that his full lights and fog lights were on, really gave him away. The other thing that gave him away was he was mad trying to overtake me in order to block me off from escaping. You know the style, your in the middle of the lane and all you can see is his lights and mirror in your side mirror. BANG, side mirror gone off a bush, doesnt matter...he still wanted to overtake and kill me!

Theres not alot to be jealous of the Americans is there? I know there are many of us overweight, but not many of us look like King Kong done up in an Arran jumper. Nothing to be jealous of there really. Theres more lunatics than over here. Nothing to be jealous of there either. But the bastards have got Gears of War today while the rest of Europe waits until Nov 17th. So there is something to be jealous of there, well that and cherry 7up and...In and Out Burger! If theres anyone else out there looking forward to this digital feast on the Xbox 360, mail me with your gamertag or leave it in the comment box as I will more than likely be getting mangled on Xbox Live in a week and a bits time!

Before I sign off (!) what follows is the video of Kanye West at the MTV awards. Im not sure if the whole thing was staged, but having a microphone does imply that. It reminded me of WWE stuff, badly done. The meekrofone gives it away, unless of course Kanye arrives with a radio mic and manages to plug in the reciever to the TV feed and the studio feed. Either that or he asked some producer for a radio mic. I trying to imagine the conversation.

Producer "Yes Mr.West, how can I help"
Kanye "Yo, gimme a mic"
Producer "Am Im afraid I cant do that"
Kanye "Why the fuck not, Ive given you hours of musical pleasure, gimme a fuckin mic"
Prodcuer "That may be so Mr.West, but that nice bunch of guys are collecting THEIR award"
Kanye "Fuck them, I should have won"
Producer "Look Im getting a bit strung out here with you and your bullshit. Why dont you go off and touch the sky or dig up some gold"
Kanye "I am muthafuckin Kanye fuckin West, biatch"
Producer "Thats nice"
Kanye "Damn right its nice. You got any batteries?"
Producer "No why"
Kanye "Cos the muthafuckin radio mic I brought has gone flat"
Producer "Oh well"

Kanye goes off and finds an assitant

Kanye "Yo, assitant person, Im that crazy mutha, Kanye West. Im gonna be doing some of these fine ass bitches later on, get me some batteries for my fantastic plastic sex toy selection"
Assistant "Yes Sir"

Assistant goes off gets batteries.

Kanye "Now put them fuckin batteries in the fuckin mic, Yo"
Assistant "Yes Sir"

Kanye decides to get on stage and this is what happens!

The most important thing to remember here is he doesnt hold anything against the band! Which is a good thing!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Number 2 Bus Petition
I headed to Soho for dinner over the weekend and lived to tell the tale, which is always a great sign. Oh I jest, I jest. Great food! Saturday was spent with a few mates watching Mission Impossible III in The infamous Late Show Theater! We havent watched a movie in there in months, its mainly used for the 360. Either way, Tom Cruise seems all the more watchable with 1 to many! Sunday I was in Mallow and that was about the size of the weekend.

Eimear brought in Victoria Beckhams new book last night, which seems quite an indept book. I didnt think she could write, let alone write a book. But apparently its wrote by someone else. I stand to be corrected on that, but I dont care really. Missus Golden Balls, while she has never done anything personally to me, just gets under my armpits and bites! Dont ask me why, its just one of those things. Its like the people who hate my guts, they still listen, but they wished I was maimed or killed. Myself and VB have a similar arrangement! Now that I look at the screen, we even share the same initials.

Looks like Saddam will be hanging around for a while...oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Who cares to be honest, I know it doesnt bother me. To be honest, he's getting off lightly. The should finish him off with a group of trained killer monkeys, who will take at least an hour to kill him. That might seem a bit extreme to some of you, but tell that to a few Kurds! What the army of killer monkeys should use as weapons of death, is beyond me. Suggestions in the comments box please!

The next few weeks are some of the most important, if you are a gamer. No I didnt day gayer for the dyslexic of you out there. Emergence Day is coming on the 12th, the yanks get Gears of War tomorrow and we have to wait till Friday week (17th) before Europe can start kicking some alien colon! If you have no idea what Im on about, let me put it like this. Well I cant put it anyway to be honest, but its the most awaited game for the last year at least. This is one of the reasons I bought a 360 in the first place. We might be having our own Emergence Day "spectacular" in the not too distant future. Im not sure yet, but the calls have gone in!

As its Monday, I shall leave you with some "eye candy"

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another week goes by and another Friday blog update begins the same way! Its been a very busy week on the show, especially after a bank holiday weekend, which can usually incite alot of sick days and people being in an alcohol induced coma. Lots of response to the "Should the morning after pill be more accessible". For some reason that Im still thinking about, I never gave out the results of the text poll. Well here ya go

85% of votes recieved last night were in favour of the ECP or morning after pill being available over the counter.

My own take on it is, it should be available. Its not going to start some made teen orgy around the country, thats going on already. Its a last resort! People would really want to come into a year called 2006!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If your a WWE Wrestling fan, do NOT miss the show over the next few nights!!
Yes Im alive, after last nights Halloween special.....just about. 25 stitches, a crutch and a months supply of grapes is what I have for my trouble now!

Another bank holiday goes by and the race to Christmas is on. I like Christmas, contrary to popular belief, but I absolutely despise the fuss that goes with it. People running around like headless chickens. I dont think Ive been in the city centre on Xmas Eve in years. Last year I ventured to Mahon Point early in the morning and that was about it! Ill do a selection of buying on the webinternet thing over the next few weeks and that'll be my lot. Im still cringing and suffering from empty reaching when I see decorations in supermarkets. Last week alone I had a brush with Christmas, which was a bit too close to call. We ended up in B&Q nosing around and of course the woman of my life spotted their large decorations display. Hence we came away with a small fortune of glisteny things, multi colored lights and a small sick bag. I have a family wedding a few days after jesus's birthday, so thats taking some of the sting outta Christmas....thankfully.
As I said I like Christmas, I just dont like the fuss...ahem!

My Xbox360 still hasnt blown up. If it goes this time, Ill be calling to Bills house personally. He probably has bullet proof windows but surely they wont stop an Xbox tied onto the front of a rental car travelling at high speed. Id also have a selection of tranqualisers for his trained chimp army!

Halloween went off without any hassle on the show at least. Lots of pissed off people out there if calls and texts are anything to go by. There shall be a follow up tonight. Theres still a selection of nuts and funsize heartattacks in multicolored wrappers down stairs as I speak. The children didnt call in their droves as was expected last night. Probably something to do with the fact that when the said "Trick or Treat" last year, I replied "Trick". No rabbits were pulled from hats, no children were sawed in half, nothing!! These days, and this has taken me years to translate, "Trick or Treat" means "Give us what ever sugary shit you have, or we'll stone your car and egg your house. Dont bother giving us any nuts or apples or any of that shite either, or we'll burn your house to the ground and egg the smouldering remains"

That is all for today. I shall leave you with a selection of photographic material!