Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The one with a little Grand Theft Auto

Review coming at some stage. Too many people to drive over, cars to steal and hookers to kill at the moment.

Quick photo from the Q outside Game last night on Pana

Monday, April 28, 2008

The one where you will be afraid....very afraid

The one with a monkey spearfishing

Ok, I know its an orangatang!!!!

The one with Snoop and Willie

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg get it on in Amsterdam, last weekend. As played on the show last night!

And yes I know, Snoop and Willie, in the Dam. No doubt they went staring at the architecture!

Hopefully at some stage tomorrow, I'll be letting loose my opinion on the new GTA IV. Is it worth all the 10/10's its been getting over the 48 hrs. From what I've seen, it probably is. But ya never know!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The one with the home shopping blopper

There. Laugh and wonder if you must!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The one with sex

Anne Sexton, from Hotpress will be doing our regular sexually speaking segment TONIGHT (Wednesday) as opposed to the normal Thursday night slot!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The one with indigestion

Well, it finally happened...again! 2 years ago this Summer, I felt like I was going to die. Well that same feeling came around for a visit again last Saturday. Meetings were held, phone calls were made and carrier pigeons were sent off with contracts. Basically, we went for dinner with the sister in law to be and her husband. After a long fought battle, it was decided to light a fire and order an Indian takeaway. So one of the many (!) Indian takeaways in Midleton convinced us to part with €83. Now, for those of you who eat Indian food, you will all agree the the varying forms of Naan bread are an essential. But of course, when you ONLY pay €83 for an Indian, thats not enough to remind them to put the feckin' things in the giant bag of food. So, one brave soul made the journey back to the Indian for the Naan's and then discovered that they had to be made from scratch. So, I decided to open a box of chips. By the time the Naans turned up, the food needed a quick Nuke in the Nuke machine and minutes later we were all shovelling some tasty Indian food down our gullets.

I had to stop towards the end as it felt like a section of Pilau rice had broken off from the rest of the pack and had started coming out my nose. Mother of christ (Hi!, I know you read the blog)
I've never had indigestion like it. It lasted until yesterday, and theres still remnants of it today. Even the old faithful gaviscon tablets done little to ease the pain. Then numerous episodes of family guy added to the already violent situation. The firetruck hunting the gazelle episode very nearly killed me, from laughing. Other than that, the food wasnt bad, although my Balti had a nice air freshner taste to it.

A few people got upset last night, when I mentioned that the Pope fell asleep at Ground Zero. I wasnt saying it to be mad or funny. Not in the least. It was an observation. The Pope needed one of his biys to give him a nudge and then he opened his eyes and got up, after what seemed an eternity of kneeling down. Obviously the guy was saying his prayers, but how did one of his biys know he was finished. I reckon he nodded off, simple as. Probably not the best place to nod off, but things happen. Jet lag!!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The one for a Sunday evening

Old, but never saw it before :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

The one with Christ

For the last few weeks Christ With A K has been summarising the show in song and humour. Basically I ring him on Wednesday, explain whats been going on for the week on the show and it turns out something like this....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The one with food, and good food at that!

Right, just to make the point again.

In light of many people voting in the text poll last night, and from the night previous where many are worried about dragging their kids to the chipper 7 nights a week, heres the deal!

In my wisdom, I've decided to set up a new blog (link coming later) which I will post up recipes from local Cork chefs (and further afield, if needs be)

The recipes will be simple, straight forward and will be able to be cooked by anyone in a short amount of time. So no more going to the chipper 7 nights a week. So you, your better half or even your kids will be able to get something decent a few times a week.

So what I need is for any chefs reading this to email me a simple recipe to either of the email address's at the side of the blog. You'll get a little bit of publicity, ie who you are, where you're a chef. That kinda thing! So c'mon cooks and chef's....pretty please!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The one with sex toys

Due to the topic discussed on this update, it may not be suitable for everyone. It also features one image which isnt particuarly suitable for viewing on your lunch break where you work.

The world is coming to an end. I can smell the burning. The Four Men of the Apocalypse are saddling up on their ponies and are heading this way. The sales of sex toys are through the roof. Hide. Beg for forgiveness. Well at least that'd be the intro to this update if I were a conservative individual with a 747 sized load of morals. But Im quite the opposite. Im very liberal when it comes to these kinds of things, and I do have morals. As little as they may seem.

Am I suprised that more and more Irish people are buying devices that they pleasure themselves with? Am I suprised that the battery companies are more than likely kept in business by people buying devices which eat batteries like Mike Tyson eats children? Not in the least. Finally, liberation for the sexually supressed Irish. The days of hiding in a field and flaking yourself with a few nettles to get a thrill, are well and truly gone. So, no, Im not suprised at all. 85% of people last night who voted in our "Do you own a sex toy?" poll, own sex toys. And more power to them.

Out of respect for she who must be obeyed, I wasnt exactly going to blurt out my dealings with sex toys and so on. But, I've had dealings with them and lets say any of the dealings came out so successful, I should be invited to Wallstreet to ring the bell. Would I be intimidated by them? Not in the least. That said, some of the larger ones, which look like they've been based on a Blue Whale are frightening. And to those of you who own one of these enormous Whale size ones, again I say fair play. You'll have no troubling having kids.

For the blokes out there that are insecure about the size of their captain winky (which seems to be most), you'll have to get used to the idea of larger plastic, rubber and latex devices. Remember, the sex toy can only do so much. Can it bring out the rubbish? Can it build tree houses? Can it be something to rely on if the world is coming to an end? Can it shit!!!! Nothing to be afraid of, she might even love you more for it!

And, yes I didnt really mention toys for men. But all the blokes know whats hot! Ps3's, Xbox 36o's, Scaletrix sets.....

The one with......

As promised....Aidans School of motoring 086 8859267

There :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The one with Lurve

There was an oul bit of a moment on the show last night where I suggested, that listeners involved in a marriage or relationship should txt their better half with the simple words of "I Love You". Cheesy as cheddar, but what the hell. Many replied back saying the response they got (which I had speculated on) was "Whats wrong?". Others had smiles on their faces by all accounts, more than likely in the fact that they were going to get a good rattling when said better half came home. See its amazing what 3 words can do! As for me, yeah I sent the txt. Im still waiting for a response! Maybe her phone is still off!

As to not leave out the single folk, the suggestion was made by yours truly that if there's someone in their phone book that they want to get on top of, sorry, go on a date with, then they should txt them as well. That had good success as well, by all accounts. Although one poor crater had got a yes, he felt that her brother would'nt be too impressed. Well, thats what the court system is there for, and you never know, ya might get a few bob for it!

Car parking is going up in Cork, in an effort to make us all hop on public transport. Now, as many of you know, Im not too pushed when it comes to the green issue's. Sure I recycle and so on, but thats it. If a polar bear dies every time I leave the TV on standby, then Im not going to be losing sleep. As has been mentioned before, when there's polar bears out in the back garden rummaging around for food, then I'll plug out the TV. But, Im a big fan of public transport. I think the Subway in NYC and the Tube in London are absolutely fantastic. That said, we have nothing like that here in Cork. Yeah, a few buses and a train, and credit where its due, I like using the Arrow in Cobh to get to the city centre. But thats it. I'd gladly use public transport every day if it suited me. If I could get a train to the radio station, happy days. I'd sell the car and save meself hundreds of € every month. But I cant, so I cant save meself a fortune. I'd much rather hand out €50 to Irish rail every month as opposed to €300 a month to a petrol station! But as it stands, the petrol station's look after me better. The idea thats a few cent on the price of car-parking in the city will make us all use public transport, wont work. Its not enough if you ask me, and many agree. But before we're paying €20 an hour for the privilege of parking the bus, we need plenty of more buses and trains and they need to run at all times. Taxi's are the other option, and they do a great job. But it costs me €30 to get from the city centre to where I call home, so If I was going to Red, it'd be a bit more. If it costs €40 for that, thats €80 a day (back and forth) which in turn is €400 a week! Thats not finacially viabe either:( Anyway, more trains, more buses and for christ sake get that water taxi service up and running.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The one with a reminder!

Here la, pencil this into your diary, brain or scrape it onto the side of the fridge with a Crayola. Joining a long list of guests which include Kevin Smith, Jon Voight and Nancy Sinatra to name but 3, one of worlds favourite french chefs will be on the Late Night Interview this Sunday night! Yup, Jean Christophe Novelli will be chatting with yours truly this Sunday night. And by christ can he talk! Mother of God can he talk!!!! I thought I could talk! From Michelin stars to wanting 20 kids, make sure you dont miss it! And yes, it will be available to download from early next week!

Friday, April 04, 2008

The one with the Russian tennis chap

What a head the ball...sorry, tennis bat thing....

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The one where if you have one too many you may turn Bertie!

Well, thats it. As Hudson said in Aliens...

"That's it man, game over man, game over!"

So May 6th will be the day that the head of the country gets his P45. Unless you've just crawled out from under your rock, Bertie Ahern has resigned or will resign as both the head boffin of Fianna Fail and the chief skull cracker of the country. Ok, so maybe he didnt crack to many skulls, but its done, its dusted. Christ, fill in your own "out of job cliche saying"

The show was swamped last night with callers all trying to get their spoke in. Many of them local politicians. All recognised what Bertie has achieved for Ireland, well specifically the peace process in the North, The Presidency of the EU and the Economy (to a point). But many did seem to think parts of the Mahon Tribunal dont add up and many seem to think Bertie is after doing something dodge even though nothing has been proven!

Did he resign too early? In my opinion, maybe he did. He should have stuck it out, but saying that if you or I were to get that amount of (at times) bullshit thrown around at us, we'd probably decide to go "Era, c'mere, feck that like. Im out the gap". What people seem to forget at times is that Bertie, like other politicians, are human too. They have their breaking point, they have their Popeye moments where they "cant stands no more".

In my observation, there was also a little up yours to the press, yesterday. A decision like this doesnt happen over the morning tea and scones at government buildings. So for the morning papers not to have this as their lead, and reporters being summoned at 10am, was a nice little, final kick to the press.

Did he do anything wrong? I dont know. How would I know? Im not the one compiling the Mahon report. It's certainly not the job of the opposition to take on the role of Mr. Mahon. In my view, Bertie and his finances of years gone by certainly should not have dominated the political process in Ireland the way it did. Fianna Fail folk are at blame as well as the opposition parties. Berties crew were too busy defending the boss man from the contining barrage of shots from the other side. I do take the point that other topics have been trashed out, but Bertie's bobs were the priority. The country has been held ransom almost because of this, and its both parties at fault. Check out a previous post as to what I said to Noel O Flynn and Jerry Buttimer.

Now that he's resigned, whats going to happen. Are we going to be stuck in another brawl of "We need a general election" "Era no we dont". Folks, theres alot more to to do than that.

Just shut the fuck up about it, and get on with running the country and argue over that!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The one with a revelation

This is a short one!

Regarding yesterdays post, in which I met Robin Williams in Tesco.................


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The one with something pretty demented!!!

On occasion I stop in one of the 24 hr Tesco's after the show. Normally its to pick up a mag or something for breakfast. So thats what I did (or done) last night. Im a huge fan of the self service checkouts, although at times they go a bit nuts. So I was standing in line last night, around 1.30am wondering why there was only one of them in use.

Anyway, there was one guy in front of me who seemed to be having a bit of trouble. So being the polite gentleman that I am, I offered to help. Well heres the demented part of it. It was ROBIN feckin WILLIAMS. I nearly dropped my copy of Empire on the ground. Then after sorting out his litre of milk scanning issue, and this is off the charts...he turns around and says "Are'nt you the guy on the radio?". To which I replied, stutteringly "Yeah.....". "I thought I recognised the voice" he replied. I dont normally get star struck, but there was a moment when I said to myself "Robin Williams listens to my radio show". He said he's been listening in his hotel room on and off the last few nights and he's a big radio buff. He's here on a holiday (after Will Ferrell told him Cork was a great place) and decided to take a wander around due to jet lag. No minders, no entourage, nothing! Just him; a litre of milk and a few other bits and bobs. Demented!!!!!!!!!

The one with bangs!

As mentioned and promised!!!