Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The one with a decent update...maybe...

The dreaded double bank holiday is over. While I'm not complaining with a night off, it just takes so long to get back to normality. The Tuesday after a bank holiday may as well be another bank holiday because people don't seem to get back into the swing of things until Wednesday! Anyway, BH rant over, as shit as it seemed.

Easter Monday was spent moaning about getting up too late and so on . But I did manage to end up in Amicus for an early dinner. I'm a fan of the place, but Monday's excursion for a Sicilian Curry turned out to be more of a Sicilian Curry soup more that anything else. But I did get a nice photo, looking down the South Mall!

In other news, KC is all in one piece and didn't break any limbs...yet. Himself and Eddie the Eagle are broadcasting from Andorra all week long. If you check out Eddie the Eagles blog, theres a selection of pictures with the 2 lads dressed up like the bad guys, from one of the earlier Metal Gear Solid video games!

Plenty of reaction to Bertie allegedly handing over the reigns of the pony to Brian Cowen last night. While the Mahon Trib. is on the final furlong (thank fuck!) and adopting the Mastermind policy of "I've started so I'll finish" many people agree that the eyes have been taking off the ball. The opposition need to really stop lobbing grenades into the government and the gang of ministers and back benchers really need to stop defending and scurrying to throw the grenades back out. The country has almost been held to ransom over the last couple of years because of the tribunal. Don't get me wrong, if Bertie has done something wrong then he like any other politician, needs to get a foot well in truly planted in his arse. I made a very simple suggestion to Noel O Flynn and Jerry Buttimer last night, and that was when put under the gun from the media when it comes to all things Bertie, just use the magic words of "NO COMMENT". If all parties can adopt a strategy like that, then maybe the country can get back to being run properly and the opposition parties can go moaning about something worth moaning about!

And on a final note, an honest R&B song!

Till 9, stay in line!