Monday, March 10, 2008

The one with on a day with bad weather

Well, the bin blew over, as did the bird table. Lets not forget the 4 tonne parsol, which ploughed a nice furrow in the garden. Looking through the blinds like some half naked peeping tom, the weather is bad. The forecast get it right again. World stops turning, millions applaud. World starts turning again and the millions and millions of the Rocks fans (what!!!), er, life goes back to normal.

From the picture above, Im sure 4 of you will discern I was in Garryvoe yesterday. Amazing weather, pity about the wind. Then a few hours later..... well Im sure you can remember yesterday evening.

I dont know about you, but this blog update is fairly disjointed so Im going to go now, before the wind takes me away (not much chance of that....) but I'll leave you with another pic and the trailer of the movie I was blowing on about last night...

Weekend aways compliments of Eddie Rockets up for grabs tonight and all week!