Monday, May 19, 2008

The one thats the day after yesterday!

Well yesterday was the oul birthday (belated bday greetings to the comment box please) and I hit the ripe ould age of 32. I think after 30, you stop registering birthdays, wel l your own at least. I didnt do much if truth be told. Im not a big fan of fuss anyway, but we went out for the birthday dinner last night and had a wonderful meal in Hardwood. Thanks to all the staff again for providing an excellent service (as usual)

We took a wander to Mahon Point in the afternoon, and keeping in mind that the largest liner in the world was in Cobh, it didnt take us 5 days to get home. Heres a tip though, the next time that big lump of metal with its surf machine and 400 restaurants is in, go down at night. It looks even more stunning at night. Granted, if its not staying over night then theres not much point in going down to see it. There will be other entertainment going on in the car park, but chances are its not suitable for kids. But, from the liner perspective its well worth a midnight rendevous.

On a brief final note, its good to see that Indiana Jones survived Cannes.

Anyway, that is all. Back on the air tonight.