Thursday, January 31, 2008

The one with...would ya and quite alot would!

The following may offend a few people, but keep in mind its all in good humour!

To follow on from last nights unlikely Irish sex symbol sex segment on the show, I shall now address some of the entries.

In at number 10, we had Willie O Dea. Now Im not sure what Willie is like in the sack, but does anybody remember Ralphie from the Sopranos. Its just with the gun and things I'd imagine many people would'nt be complaining about Willie in the sack! As a straight man, whos comfortable with his sexuality I probably wouldnt take Willie on. The Magnum PI tasher just doesnt do anything for me!

Our own Dave Mac turned up at number 7. I know Dave quite well and would reckon there would be plenty of trips to Anne Summers for a few gadgets to keep yourself entertained after the 45 second rough and tumble. Like Willie, if I jumed ship in the morning, I wouldnt take Mac on either. Its the Grizzly Adams look I think. Visions of Mac in a log cabin with only a Grizzly Bear, an Ould fart and a mule for company are what nightmares are made of!

I've turned up in the number 6 slot. What can be said.? I've had sex with myself and god dammit, its good. Nuff said!

To speed things along, I shall now concentrate on the Top 3. Bryan Dobson, Mr six one doesnt strike me as a Mr. 69. The whole point of people choosing sex symbols is that they fantisise about getting a good oul scuttling from said sex symbol. I would speculate Bryan may be a demon in the sack, but its a distinct possibilty that the whole experience might leave you a little bored. But you know what they say about news readers!!!

Brendan O Conor arrives in as the number 2 unlikely hottie. Well if there are people out there (and by all accounts there are) that fancy Brendan to give them a damn good poking, then so be it. But what drugs are you people taking? The fellow Corkonian is possibly rough and ready I'd say. Gimp outfits, sex swings and chains hanging off the ceiling may all be part of the experience. But If myself and Brendan were left stranded on a desert Island and the conversation came up, I'd take me chances swimming away. Bare in mind, I CANT swim.

So finally, that leaves number 1. So many of you voted for the man that runs the country to give you a damn good banging. I'd reckon the experience would'nt last long. But it might get going again, maybe after a cup of tea or what not. I cant imagine Bertie as a foreplay man ( I could be wrong) so get what you can while the going is good! Then again the whole thing could turn into an extreme orgy of kinky madness, thats normally reserved for solicitors and judges.

The one with unlikely IRISH sex symbols

In light of Gordon the Gopher's handler topping the UK's unlikely sex symbol list today, I decided to throw out Ireland's unlikeliest sex symbol in the later part of the show last night. What follows is the top 10.

10 - Willie O Dea

9 - Micheal Martin
8 - Dave Macardle
7 - Martin King
6 - Yours Truly
5 - Dylan Moran
4 - Daniel O Donnell
3 - Bryan Dobson
2 - Brendan O Connor
1 - Bertie

A selection of the entrants shall be discussed on here later on.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The one with a nomination!

Cheers to all for nominating this piece of....excellence :) Just been longlisted on The Irish Blog awards ( so thanks a mill. Im thrilled! Watch this space. One step closer to the cakes and things that I promised!

The one with votes

I mentioned this back a while and am mentioning it again!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The one with monkeys, maybe....

I hear on the grapevine that the judges for the blog awards are nosing through the entries this week. Well, judges, if you are reading have some cake

Thirsty? Go on then, indulge in a fine Cork beverage...

And after all my bribeness, I mean kindness of stuffing you with quality digital grub, here have a bucket to get sick in
Incidently, I ran out of money after the cake, tanora and bucket. So nothing to put in a brown envelope. Come to think of it, I cant afford one of them either.

As the title said, there was a slim possibility of a monkey appearing in the blog today. Well.....
Till 9, stay in line

Monday, January 28, 2008

The one about the weekend and a decent restaurant reccomendation!

Someone emailed me yesterday asking for another what did you do, blow by blow, about the weekend. So, as I cant think of anything else to bang in here, why not?

Friday was spent cooking up a storm for me parents as they arrived on their twice monthly visit. Friday night was spent in Club Light in Mallow. After feck all sleep, I managed to crawl out of bed and head to the wedding fair in Silversprings. Im normally good for getting up (!) but last Saturday morning I was absoultely shagged. So with a big grumpy head up on me, we headed off to the wedding fair. Im not a big fan of weddings and certainly not of wedding fairs, even though Im penciled in to walk down the aisle next year. Ger had prepared herself for the worst, later admitting she was expecting me to be a moany oul bollox. But!!! I actually enjoyed it, more so than I thought was possible. Some of the highlights were the cake samples. Of course it would have to come down to food with me!

I've set down some new rules in the house for 2008. We go out to eat at least once or twice a month and make the cinema at least once or twice a month and god knows what in between. So Hardwood on Popes Quay was next on the list. I picked up some Eat out in Ireland mag a few weeks ago and decided to eat my way through a selection of the Munster list. Im in no way associated with the folks at Hardwood, but mother of God the food was absolutely divine. I shit you not when I say the following. I have never, EVER eaten ribs like the ribs in Hardwood. Falling off the bone would be an understatment. And that was just for starters. Ger made her way through a sea food chowder that was a meal in itself. Pork and Steak made our main course. The steak was perfectly cooked, the pork was melt in your mouth. I havent stopped raving about the place since Saturday night. The staff couldnt have been better, even when the place got really busy. Its also, in my book, great to see the chef pop out for a few minutes and have a nose at whats going on. From the chef to the wait staff, everyone stunk of "I actually give a toss about you and the food" which is a rare fragrance in restaurants these days. The whole meal came to about €95 (inc tip). Value for money to boot! Any place that convinces me to eat a strip of deep fried carrot (I cant stand the things) is also a good thing. It just looked too good NOT to eat!!!!


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The one where the world is ending

This must be one of the four pony men of the apocalypse! Regardless of whatever way you swing in the leaba, this following video may well upset or terrify you. Warned, you have been.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The one with some Cruising

What is with the weather? Man, are we getting pissed on! I know its typical Irish behaviour to moan about the weather and it takes alot for me to moan about it. But its been raining since October last year, give or take a day or 2. All I want to do is change the oil in the lawnmower, drain the petrol and store it for a few weeks. I dont want much from life, but at the moment, Im surrounded by marsh land!

Its never nice announcing the death of a celebrity, particuarly one that is a decent actor. Heath Ledger passed away yesterday, at the young age of 28. I started covering the story as soon as it broke and we were inundated with extremely sad Ledger fans! The rumour mill is in full effect, but according to some of the more "credible" sources, pills were found next to this body. Watching Sky News when I came home last night, some Aussie entertainment boffin was saying that Heath Ledger lived the dream but didnt really like it when it come through. Theres thousands of people dying every day, but a celeb death allways rings through to some people, as no doubt people grow "close" to them, through movies, songs and media!

Speaking of celebrity, theres an awful lot of madness surrounding Tom Cruise! Below, is a snippet of the video I've been playing recently. Some people are even comparing him to some Nazi rallying the troops. I like Tom (We're on first name terms) and I think he has been involved in some fantastic movies. As long as he's not doing anything illegal then most should'nt worry. But seeing him in those videos, has unnerved alot of people. I suppose when you see him out of the guise of Ethan Hunt or yer man from War of the Worlds or whatever its gets on peoples tits. Its probably the equivilent of seeing some other famous face in your local Dunnes buying spuds. You think it doesnt happen, but it does!

One of the first big games (IMO) of 2008 is very close to arriving in your PS3 or Xbox 360. Devil May Cry, which looks the dogs pup making sacks, arrives on the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on Jan 31st and tomorrow respectively (or so rumour has it). Well worth a nose!

Dont forget, more Nintendo DS goodness to be given away tonight as well as tickets for the Wedding Showcase in Silversprings Moran Hotel! Till 9, say fine. (Christ thats cheesy)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The one with a little Sweeney

I'm not a big fan of tomatoes. The big red things. Cant stand them. Have eaten them once , a few years back in a bizarre set of circumstances. Theres nothing worse than being in a cheap chipper, where they put whole chunks of the red bastards on everything. Even though you insist on no tomato, you still get it, green bits and all. That said, I consume ketchup by the litre, which is quite ironic. Like the previously mentioned red bastards, I cant stand musicals. I've never sat through an entire musical and anytime theres even a hint of one on the TV, I'm gone. The thought of people singing on screen, for the duration of a movie makes me want to vomit into a bucket. I was quite aware that Sweeney Todd - The Demon barber of Fleet Street, was a full blown musical.

Having spotted the trailer, for Mr.Depps latest flick ages ago, I was hooked. There was no real sings of singing in the trailers. I actually thought, in his madness, Tim Burton had decided to go the non musical route or at least have feck all singing in it. So I arrived in Mahon Point, with she who must be obeyed, on Saturday night after decided AGAINST Alien Vs Predator : Requiem. Within the first 20 minutes, I wanted to leave the cinema. As good as the whole thing looked, I couldn't stand the singing. 20 long minutes went past, with Johnny Depp blasting em out as well as the rest of the case. I'm surprised the dogs on the street weren't singing as well. I haven't walked out a movie in years. 30 minutes went by and only for there was a couple next to us, I was on the verge of grabbing Ger, and leaving. It wasn't exactly full, so no doubt there would have been a long walk of shame to get out. I had composed some bizarre plan that we leave on our own. In my own mind, this would look like we went to the toilets or whatever. But no, I didn't execute any of my little plans. We stayed. 40 minutes into Sweeney, I finally got my brain accustomed to the singing. Remember, previous to this, I was begging and pleading for at least 10 minutes of dialogue with no singing. Them came the gore. And more gore. When they were finished with those lots of gore, they gave us even more gore. Between the gore and the singing I really enjoyed the movie. Its quite a demented flick. And in truth, I really enjoy a demented flick!

If you can tolerate the singing, or like me, acclimatise yourself to it then you'll have blast! Just don't have a queasy stomach!

I still hate tomatoes!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

The one on a serious note

Every time I cover the Suicide debate on the show, be it prevention and awareness or otherwise I get more and more annoyed. As I said last night, how many more live's will have to be lost? All because there is not enough money pumped into awareness. All because many of the support groups cannot get funding. All because some idiots think the whole subject is taboo and prefer to hide it under the carpet. How many more lives will have to be lost? I really hope the issue of Suicide and Mental health doesnt come smashing though your door some day. As many people have pointed out, its only when it hits home that people realise how big an issue it really is. And its only then that yet again another life has been lost, that otherwise may have been saved if there was more awareness etc.

From doing the subject on the show over the last years, I've been educated on the subject as I hope many listeners have been as well. It IS tough listening from a listeners perspective. At times, even I find it tough listening to people, telling their stories of how family members have taken their own lives or how they themselves have attempted to end their own life. And to them, I give my sincere and utter thanks and admiration. These are the people that help raise awareness! Some of these people have never rang a radio station in their life. But they do it, to tell their story and in turn express anger for the lack of awareness in the country as a whole. In doing so, they also raise awareness.

I accept the point, that some will find the topic in itself depressing. But please, dont turn off the radio the next time it comes up. Listen to what people have to say. Listen to their side of things. As grim as some of it may sound to some, keep listening. It raises YOUR awareness! Its kept in the back of your mind. Again, lets hope it doesnt come through your door like a bull elephant. At least with the awareness, its kept in your mindset and people might not then be so quick to dismiss someone "whos just down in the dumps".

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The one on a Tuesday (Couldnt think of a better title!)

If you haven't got back into the grind after Christmas at this stage, then is there any jobs going where ya work!

The guy spitting out 600 words in 60 seconds, as heard on the show last night, is here

Keeping with youtube, for those of you desperately seeking a movie to look forward to, try this on for size. Cloverfield. Its been all over the net for the last while and now theres plenty of positive things coming about the movie. Its my tip for one of the better movies of 2008. Middle of Feb its hitting Cork cinemas.

Its all about keeping with today. Keeping with movies, Alien vs Predator Requiem hits the local movie houses this Friday. Way back, somewhere deep in the archives is a post about the movie. How I spilt my guts on how good the trailer looked, the bucket loads of gore, children being killed etc.etc. and how finally the AVP series got a decent go at being on the big screen. I read a few reviews over the weekend, and lets say I wont exactly be stocking up on skip loads of popcorn for this one!

On another note, John Waters of Irish Times "fame" was on another radio station (yes they exist....I think) saying bloggers were idiots etc.etc. and should all be boiled in oil (well maybe not boiled in oil...) I must give credit to Rick O Shea (of, yes, another radio station)
At least the bloggers have some content on their websites! As opposed to a big fat "Coming Soon notice!" The world holds its breath :) "An intelligents person guide to modern Ireland". Given the large amount of Irish blogs (plenty of journos typing there arses out for their blogs), theres quite a few intelligent folk out there. Not all of us wander around in smoking jackets and pipes, wandering how we're gonna take a piss in a new and exciting way. Maybe he's "write". Maybe all us bloggers are idiots, as I wander into a some half hearthed rant that has now run out of wind. But at least we have content, for all the intelligent people living in modern Ireland.

On a final note

Return flights from Dublin/Cork to Los Angeles

Personal meet and greet service on arrival at LAX Airport

Five (5) nights 4* hotel accommodation in Los Angeles

City Tour of LA

Day trip to Universal Studios

Day trip to Disneyland

Silver level tickets to the 50th Annual Grammy Awards

Return private car transfers between the hotel the Awards Ceremony

Keep listening for the Grammy triple play, these songs, played in full in this order




For today, that is all!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The one with vidya's

For those wondering, vidya's is Corkonian for VIDEOS. First off we have some of our bravest in this

The majority of people who rang and text the show last night have no problem with the above video. But as one of the Commandants's from Collins Barracks said, they have broken military law, as communication is strictly limited with the public. Personally, in my own humble opinion, I dont see anything wrong with it. In fact, I got a laugh out of it and thought it was very well done. As an individual who pays tax, it doesnt bother me either. These brave men and women are going to places that your average joe soap wouldnt even have a nightmare about, and if they spend some downtime producing up the BeeGees then thats fine by me. The only issue I really have with it, is...the fecking BeeGees. Lads c'mon. Some other people took exception to the "At least I hope Im talking to the people of Cork" comment. At the time, there was little point in making issue of it, as it would have detracted from the debate at hand and was completely irrelevant. But rest assured, unless the commenter was looking out a window and seeing Grafton St, he was talking to the thousands and thousands of (cue George Dubya word) folks...who listen on a nightly basis. Either way, Military law was ways around that!

Second vidya would be around here, but if truth be told Im after completely forgetting what I was going to put up. Christ, life is so difficult.

On another note, has anybody being watching Chicken Run on Channel 4 over the last few nights? Fascinating program and fairplay to Hugh FW for getting involved. I've always been a Free Range buyer, but on occasion there has been one of the cheap chickens magically appear in the freezer!

Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-up

Anyway, thats my bit for today! For those of you waiting for the second vidya, well keep waiting :(

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The one with the first large one of 2008

Time to get the blog back to normality. The season the be jolly has passed (thankfully) and I survived a slightly undercooked turkey. My own doing, but nobody got the shits, pukes or died.
Last night was the first night back and as usual, after a bout of time off, its hard to get back into the swing of things. But swing I did!

On another note, I would like to apologise to anybody that was in Amicus over the holidays. I was in there one Saturday night and nearly burnt the place to the ground. The table next to us was empty and one of the tea lights was burning in a molten container of oil, flaring up as it went. So, without thinking for my own safety, I grabbed the menu that was about to go up in smoke and gave it another chance to be read, some other day. Then I decided to do the what Denis Leary would do in Rescue Me and out the fire. Except Denis Leary never outed an oil induced flame with a glass of water. A flame about 3 feet high, shot up, the whole place came to a grinding halt and the glass holder the tealight was in, split in half and shot across the restaurant. Nobody injured, nothing burnt, only a glass holder lost its life! That said, the food was fantastic! And yes, I know your never to put water on an oil it floats. In the ensuing embarassment, I scanned around the restaurant and spotted some old dear with a terrified look on her face. No doubt, thinking to herself "So this is the way I go, in a restaurant set on fire by some fool who thinks he's in the TV show Rescue Me. And I havent even got my desert yet!"

Besides that incident, Xmas went by fairly quickly. I turned to the darkside, as some people call it, for the PS3, which Im finding is a fantastic piece of kit. Still, though the Xbox 360 does alot of things that much better, Xbox Live being one. But my main attracting for the PS3 is the Blu-Ray drive in it. Given the recent carry on with HD-DVD and Warner jumping ship to Blu-Ray exclusively, its good to have the 2 options for Hi-Def viewing. Uncharted got most of my love over Xmas. Great looking game and very, very enjoyable but a bit short for my liking. Other things that got some love, was Little Britain. HMV had all 3 seasons on offer for €5.99, so we indulged a season a night over the holidays. And yes I know Im about 3 years behind everyone else when it comes to TV. Die Hard 4, The Simpsons movie, The Pixar Collection all got some outings on Blu-Ray to boot, with The Simpsons movie prooving alot less funny than in was in the flicks!

So thats it, the first big un of 2008!!!! Till 9pm!

Monday, January 07, 2008

The one with who knows what

Back on air tonight!!!! 9pm!!! That is all!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The one where Im on the campaign trail

The annual blog awards are here again so if you vote for my blog ( in the best personal blog section, or whatever you want I'll tarmac your road, fill some pot holes and make a few pigs fly! So go on, click the link and give us yer vote

If I get nominated and win we'll have a big reception down in the church hall....with cakes and things!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The one with....

Happpy New Year (Again!!!) and all that jazz. The blog will return to normal next Monday, Jan 7th and I will be back on air that night to boot. Just taking a couple of days holidays!

Check out my East Cork Sun tan from next monday!