Thursday, November 15, 2007

The one with breastfeeding and monkey business

In light of last nights carry on....if your easily offended the second pic wont exactly make you the happiest chappy or chappette!

The one with who knows

As of this moment in time, my flu is in the departures lounge waiting to go! As is the norm with air travel, expect a few delays. So as it stands the flight isnt due to take off for another 24 hours, but at least while Im waiting I can swan around the various shops in the airport before I say my goodbyes. Christ, just reading what I've written makes me want to check the ingridents on what I've been taking.
In other news, last night I was had. Caught out. Spoofed. Whatever way you want to call it, I got done! If you were listening to the show last night you may recall a guy with a thick Dublin accent on about taking a shot of his mothers knocker for a feed. At the time, I felt it was a wind up but I left it in and didnt dump it. He was swiftly removed off the air and this morning I woke up to a voicemail with said caller on my 171. Very quickly, which is a miracle for me in early morning I decided it was KC from the Rooster. Not only had he spoofed Eimear, he done me as well. If truth be told, I laughed out loud at the call last night (off air) and Im laughing at it now. Either way, payback is a terrible thing. Let the games begin!!!!