Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pics, Pics and more Pics!

Late, Late Toy show eat your arse out!!!! Heres some pics with Val from World of Wonder who dropped in last night with some very cool toys and gadgets. Compliments of World of Wonder I also gave away everything from Poker Tables to Monopoly! We couldnt get a line out of the building for a solid 30 minutes. Reaction was off the charts for the giveaway!

Theres Xmas decor up all over the station

Ive already put a present under the RedFM Xmas tree

Balls on everything

More hard work being done!!!

Dave Mac helping in the celebration of Butlers chocolates picking up a major award. They were kind enough to give us a box of choccies, which we proceeded to eat on ear! Exciting stuff! I believe the other "individual" on the other station (the crowd that arent number one at night) opened a can of Tanora and ate a packet of cheese n onion on air, to compete!

Gus (taken earlier on today)

Xmas Moose that was also given away!