Monday, March 02, 2009

The one with a swallowed engagement ring

Isnt it normally in champagne this happens. Gobshiteisim at its finest

The one with remakes

Out of curiosity is anybody else sick to death of movie remakes. As spoken about on last nights Movie Bit, Total Recall is now being belted around for a remake. Sorry, what does Hollywood call this? Oh yeah, its a reboot. Now, the word reboot is a technical term (and yes I know it was some animated tv show in Canada) stemming mainly from the computer world. And alot of the time, people have to reboot their computers when they crash, melt or get fucked up.

So, FFS, why is something like Total Recall being remade, sorry rebooted. It's not an amazing flick by any sense of the word, but its old school Arnie; and with few exceptions that's not so bad! Whats gonna be so different next time round? Will eyes now explode out of their eye socket? Will it be set on Mars again? Will there be more 3 tittied ladies in it? I don't see the point. If the studios want to bring the movie to a new, possibly younger audience then just re-release the damn thing on DVD/Blu-Ray/Download. Simple!

As great as the Chris Nolan Batman flicks are, I cant help but wonder have the studio execs taken a long hard look at that remake, sorry reboot and come up with the notion's that remakes are the way forward. No doubt some of the older movies from the 30's and 40's might be eligible candidates to be remade and thus bring them into the current century. Maybe a 40 year rule should be employed. 

Look at the latest offering of the Hulk, the one with Ed Norton. The same Hulk, that alot of people didn't really like and much preferred the Ang Lee version. The Ang Lee version must have still been warm before Norton and co decided to remake, sorry reboot it. I like Ed Norton. A fine actor. But he could have kept the green dye off for another 20 years at least and that's even excluding the 40 year rule that I'm suggesting.

Its all too easy for the studios to commission remake after remake. The initial hype will keep the cash flowing, but for how long? How long can the movie loving public take remake after remake. Then the shit will hit the fan. The exec's will be on choppers to some tropical island with the moolah and as usual, Joe public suffers. 

So maybe the studios should be pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and going to task manager and ending some processes before hitting remake, sorry reboot!