Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There seems to be some technical glitches at the moment! This is the blogger peoples fault. So bear with the blog.
Last night I started the show with a quick, but startling piece of information. In case you missed it (shame on you) it wasnt something as groundbreaking as getting the figs out of the figroll with a shovel. Nor was it as astounding as being able to get a monkey out of a tree with a paper airplane. It wasnt even an answer to lifes oldest mystery, who came up with the name Breast In a Bun! It was something far more powerful, and something that could well change your life...possibly.

Last night on the show, in true Uri Gellar style I spoke of my ability to stop time. I had tried it out minutes before going on air and to my own shock and awe it worked. I wont confuse people anymore with my blabbering about it, but check out here and have a go for yourself. While its not as exciting as hurtling down the road in a Delorean at 88mph its still a riveting experience....possibly. Have a go though. Lots of people were kind enough to text in last night and say it worked. Some people even thought I was pulling the piss! Well in the secrets of your dark and musty computer rooms, have a lash at it!

The pyramid schemes gripping Cork, came up on the show again last night. One caller in particular was extremley convincing about how sucessfull they are. He was in his third scheme and was cleaning up. Convincing, yes but in the words of Jerry Maguire "Show me the money!". Other callers; just thought the whole thing was immoral but for every immoral caller there was somebody else willing to (as one caller put it) shit on someone else, for money. At the end of the day, Id prefer to throw the money into a casino in Vegas. Some might say the odds are better, and as an added bonus if you lose no one will arrive at your door in the middle of the night after tearing the bonnet from your car, and carefully putting it through your living room window!

Somebody sent me a link to this "item" yesterday evening. Yes, it is what you think it is. A mouse in a skirt! How sad is that. No doubt, they'll sell by the bucket load! Maybe it'll take cyber sex to a whole new level. Im sure the conversations would be along the lines of
Yeah baby, Im putting my hand up your skirt, and I feel something..small, hard and with a cable hanging out the back. Hang on, thats my mouse...sorry! And NO! I havent ordered one, Ill wait for the Vera Wang version.

As some of you may know, my long suffering producer, Risteard has gotten a cold over the last few days. Well now yours truly has it as well. Between the 2 of us, we've more or less being dying slowly, since the start of the year! I've had so many colds since Januray and Im actually getting quite acustomed to them. If I go a week or 2 without one, I feel a bit down and lonely. If Im "lucky" to get one, its like the prodigal son returning home....or something!

Anyways, I have to run off..ok....ok..ok Ill be walking and driving, to a meeting....

Late N Live Top 5 things Willie O Dea will be doing while in charge of the country (140306)
5 – Dart board with a picture of the Ceann Comhairle put up in Taoiseach’s office

4 – Think up of strategy to catch that 6 foot Arab with the dialysis machine

3 – Wander around the Dail in a pair of camouflage boxers

2 – Spend an extra 15 minutes a day moustache grooming

1 – Making sure he’s only going to shoot blanks

Camilla and Prince Charles saw one expert chop a melon with his blade at a Sikh temple in West London for Commonwealth Day. All was well until someone informed Camilla that she was in the wrong place, and that Chelthnam does start until tomorrow!