Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The one with nudey bits

One of the pics from the installation this morning, floating around the web at the moment...Is that you????

Hats off to all involved. Fair f$%kin' play!

The one with Stan Winston - RIP

I crawled into bed around 2am last night. Which, is kinda early for me. The traditional bedtime surfing took place and as I made my way through Google Reader, I saw a post on aintitcool saying Stan Winston had died. I was staring at the ipod screen for a good 3 minutes before I googled the incident, and tragically it was true.

The Oscar winning makeup, creature- and visual-effects genius was gone! He died of complications from multiple myeloma Sunday at his home in Malibu. Stan Winston won Oscars for Aliens, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. The man and his team have been respsonsible for some of cinemas biggest and best known icons. Without him, the outfits, the suits and motions would never have been as good as they were.

Predator - Check
Terminator - Check
Alien Queen - Check
Iron Man suits - Check
Jurassic Park Dinos - Check

Thats just a tiny sample of some of Stans Work. There must be a very small amount of people worldwide that havent seen or heard about his work!

Back in my film and animation days, I was a huge fan of Stan Winston and his work. The first autograph I ever bought was of Stan Winston, which still hangs on the office wall. Hours and hours were spent nosing through DVD extras looking at Stan's legendary work.

And you know what the say about legends, they live on forever! RIP Stan Winston