Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The one where theres relationship advice and some bloke made of Iron

On the back of one of the topics on the last nights show, where 83% of people voted saying that the man should pay for the first date. Be that cinema, pub, club, dinner or whatever. Not one vote saying the lady should pay for it. Not one! Whats wrong with these men? Here's my take on it. Lets take your average high end date.

Drinks (before dinner) €20
Dinner (inc btl wine, 3 courses, coffee etc) €150
Cinema including food €30 (not much room for popcorn after big feed, but none the less)

So, those of you with calculators for brains will be after adding the total up and coming to the grand ol figure of €200. Which isn't alot of money to spend on one night with more or less a complete stranger. I'm sure some would say "Christ, 200 notes for that!!!! I'll get meself an "escort" " If a bloke has to impress (and I use the word loosely) a bird by spending a small fortune on a first date then theres not much hope. What happens on the second date? Man pays! What happens on the third date? Man pays! What happens when man removes his underpants and woman isn't impressed? Man pays for surgery!!!!

Just in my own little humble opinion if I were unfortunate enough to end up single again and I was expected to dish out that kinda money to impress someone, well in the words of many great people around the world "FUCK THAT!!!" There is a group of ladies (as there is a group of these guys) who expect everything is paid for on a first date and so on. Don't anybody bother throwing the chivalry comment in. That's bollocks!!! Chivalry is about opening doors, having manners and coming running when the bog roll runs out. I think at the very least an offer to go dutch has to be made, once man decides "I'll get this". At least with an offer your not made feel like a walking ATM. And yes, that's my phrase!!!!!!!


One of the other insane reasons I got last night was "If he asked me out, then he should pay" and by all accounts that was related to old teachings. Maybe I missed out on this, back in the day. I obviously missed the flight to Tibet. I obviously missed the 5 day hike up the side of a hazardous mountain. I obviously missed the 6 month "You ask, you pay" course with a group of some arse kicking monks. But, as the old saying goes "A fool and his money is soon parted". As much as that is the biggest pile of cheddar, its true. If theres someone out there who's paying for shit constantly (be you male of female) then you deserve to be taken to the cleaners, you big walking!!!! I wonder where they insert the ATM card!!!!! Horses wear blinkers, not humans.

Before anybody starts crying, I'm not saying everyone is like that. Far from it!!! Anyway, mad, angry and slightly humorous rant over. In other news, here's the latest trailer from what is shaping up to be one of the best comic book adaptions of all time!