Thursday, January 11, 2007

The one with about the dopes

Im sure plenty of you have seen the front of the Echo by now or maybe you've come across the bebo flashbox located here

These 2, absolute, thick, fucking dopes in their piece of shit Skanger Banger going through the tunnel really need to have their heads decapitated in a horrific car accident. Id like to see their Mammies and Daddies try and have an open coffin then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the last number of years on the show Ive tried so hard to distinguish the difference to both myself and the audience, of Car Enthusiast's and Boy Racers. After this latest bout of thickshit headedness, its after really screwing things up for the enthusiast. Those of you who have spent an fortune doing your car up, from alloys to DVD players etc.etc. will now be put back into the same category as these clowns. Any young driver will now, again, be painted with the same brush. The RedFM Brake the Cycle campaign is targeting the boy racer brigade and for anyone still wondering what a boyracer is, the video on the link above gives a pretty good example. To sum up in my opinion, a boy racer is

a) Normally some young, inexperienced, stupid dope with at least one prison term in front of them
b) Drives a piece of shit that looks like a complete and utter piece of shit
c) Drives the piece of shit like its a race car

On the other hand the enthusiast is

a) Between 21 and 30
b) Drives a decent car, normally modified with better suspension and brakes than the average car
c) Drives the decent car the way it should be driven, because the car and the modifications cost so much and driving the arse out of it will require another mortgage

Maybe some of the comments about the boyracer breakdown might sound a bit harsh, but stupid is a word that comes up all the time. How stupid and I mean really fucking stupid, would you have to be to drive through the Jack Lynch tunnel at such a speed. Its CCTV land. Then post it on the net, on bebo under his own name. Apparently this individual is a student in UCC. How the fuck did he get in there? It wont take long for the Gardai to nail this ghoul onto the wall and no doubt the insurance company are looking forward to adding 10 grand at least onto a renewal policy! There wasnt this much evidence against Saddam!
These dopes need to be taken off the road and taken off the road really quickly. Banned from driving for life would be a suitable sentence, although, personally, Id prefer to see their heads come off in some horrific accident!