Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Check down below for a wonderful piece of satire. Should religion be removed from our classrooms, was a topic that came up on the show last night. Our text poll said NO it shouldnt, which was suprising. I have to admit that I didnt think teenagers were as holy as some came across last night. Relfection, Meditation and discussion were some of the items that came up again and again with callers. Its a far flung yell from religion when I was in school, which isnt that long ago. All it took was for some fella to ask the priest teaching it "Father, Who made God?". That was it, class over. I dont think its fair to have it as an exam subject, but thats my opinion! If anything, the perception that adults have of teenagers as been mad, drunk and wild all the time was definitely changed with what alot of teen callers said last night! Which is great!

I havent bought a few DVDs online in a while, mainly to keep the credit card down but I gave in this morning and picked up The Grizzly Man, Broken Flowers and Jarhead. The joys of Region 1 and Region 3. Speaking of movies, I beleive theres a civic reception tonight for Golden Globe local hero Jonathan Rhys Myers, which is nice. Why dont they give me a civic reception. To be honest I dont know if I could stand all the prancing around with a glass of champagne, at least thats my idea of what goes on. Oh well, bang guys my nomination after that comment. Well twas a jest, oh person from the city council thats probably not reading!

Over the next few days, we should hopefully have alot more audio to download on redfm.ie so keep checking. Also if theres anything YOU think we should be doing on the show, drop me a comment here and email me corktalksback@redfm.ie

The Superbowl is coming up on Sunday, and we have yet to get our Psychic bet as to who will win. Personally Ill throw a tenner on the seahawks!
So people are betting I cant update this thing every day till Friday. Well there, its updated for today