Monday, May 29, 2006

Time is getting on, and another weekend is over! Gonna be a short on today Im afraid. The Da Vinci Code and X-men 3 were on the agenda over the weekend. Both very enjoyable flicks, although I thought X men was lacking at times. Whatever you do, dont leave the cinema until AFTER the credits roll up the screen for Xmen. Its worth the wait, granted 7 minutes of credits gets you 10 seconds of extra footage. Either way "Make it so"

It was a quite oul weekend, other than that. Being putting in some time to the Xbox 360 with Fifa World Cup and Rockstar Table Tennis. Its about the most exercise Ive got since I dont know how long! Anyway thats it, but before I go we have 20 passes to giveaway to a special screening of United 93 tomorrow night at the Gate. Tune in from 9pm to find out how to blag em!