Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It was a weird one last night. As like last year, Im helping out with the company Xmas card again this year. After the show I trucked in town with the oul Digi cam. First stop the lough, on me hands in knees when the paddy wagon drives slowly by. Then into Pana, again same paddy wagon drives slowly by. Then decided to go down to Connolly Hall area for a nice shot of the City Hall. I know, 2am in the morning and theres some guy walking around a hooker pick up area, with a digital camera. Guess what kiddies, the SAME paddy wagon drives by again. Im suprised I wasnt picked up for soliciting with a digital feckin camera!

As for a comment (yes I get them now and again) on yesterdays blog, I hope I wont be running around on Xmas eve...itll probably be the day or 3 before hand. Thats more or less it for now. Again short and sour I know, but what you gonna do!