Friday, November 09, 2007

The one with NCTs of sorts

About a week ago the "dreaded" your due for an NCT letter crashed through the letter box! This was the first NCT for the new bus, which didnt expire until the end of the year but I decided to get it out of the way. I NCT'd another car many moons ago, but nothing prepared me for yesterday. I got the headlights refocused, got some fuel cleaner, washed and hoovered the car. I arrived with plenty of time, paid and was told to go to the waiting room. Upon entering a largish room, with all the hapless wagons being fully visibile as they go through the ropes I suddenly though I was ina funeral home. Never, and I mean never have I come across so many long faces. There must have been about 10 people if not more in there, all who looked like they've been told the world was coming to an end. Fearing the world WAS coming to an end I started checking the various news services on the internet through the phone. I was thinking about how I'd sort out my will, but I soon discovered that there was no asteroids inbound, no alien invasion or an army of chimps about to end civilisation as we know it. The only saving grace in that waiting room was an toddler who was oblivious to what was going on and played away with a selection of some brightly coloured blocks or what not. But even with that, the poor crater recieved darting looks from most of the waitees. As if to say "Listen pants shitter, we're not happy and you better cool down with the happy vibes before we dance the fandango up and down on your state provided toys"

Things started to get even worse. When people were called for their results they didnt immediately jump up. They slowly looked up and repeated their name, pointed at themselves and then made the long walk of death to the guy with the NCT results. Thankfully, my car passed and I went on my way, leaving behind a room of madness. I think the nice folks at the NCT centers around the country should now start looking at employing dancing clowns. Maybe a bouncy castle or some blow up Sumo suits.

Im in Club Light in Mallow tonight, doors 11.30 pop in and say hi!!!!!