Friday, June 17, 2005

See, I told you Id be back when I got bored. And Im bored already..............

This is what happens when things don't go my way. I bought one of them indestructible keyboards, maybe I should have bought an indestructible desk as well (Oh for Christs sake, humor). Came across this after hauling me arse outta bed this morning....On the internet. The earlier part of this text was a joke people....a joke. Although many moons ago I put my fist through a window playing Kick Off on the Amiga. I've broken countless joypads and joysticks (Them Cheetah 125+'s were never made of anything decent, and always exploded off the wall) and lets not forget when I first made shit of a tape recorder for the Spectrum 48K.

Yeah the rubber keyed one. If I recall correctly I was playing something called Wheelie (Cmon I was about 8 at the time) and thing was incredibly difficult for a child. So after hours of frustration I gave the tape recorder a thump.........and broke the fecking play button. So after being roared at by everyone, I had to load up the games by holding down the play button. For those of you that had speccies this could haven't taken 3 days. I eventually discovered a better way by jamming a knife into the tape recorder.

Tabby made an appearance on the show last night. Sound as a trout. I'm always a bit dubious of these people who appear, in particular, on musical reality TV shows. But going back in time, Mickey Harte, Chris Doran and George Murphy were all well up for the crack and we're decent folk. Tabby is no different. The conversation went from 3 sums with the Osbournes to shagging sheep and something about putting the hooves into the wellies! Great crack. There was a Red FM screening earlier in the week called Headrush and Wuzza Conlon from the movie also was on. Yet another sound bloke with no pretensions, that can sometimes be associated with certain celebs. Come to think of it, all the celebs that have joined me over the years were great with one exception. Brian McFadden. Just completely not interested. But who gives a shit now, well maybe his bank manager does! God I'm bitter this morning. Feck, its afternoon now.

Most Thursday nights I had out for a drink to wind down after the show. Normally as I'm driving its the soft stuff. Most Thursday nights after socializing with a few mates I grab a bit of breast and some buns, with a nice oul curried chips. Take it home, veg it in front of shit TV and promise myself to get up extremely late on Friday morning. Never happens. Tried it today, what happened, same ol shit. Cant sleep anything after 10. The house is like a furnace

I'm attempting to sleep in a puddle of sweat (not quite, but!!!!) so I have no choice but to get up!

Just looking at some stats for the blog, and its been read everywhere from the US to Taiwan. There's even a country "Unknown" there, which is worrying...almost. Granted these countries aren't coming back every 2 seconds, but its nice to know. So if you are reading this thing, go leave me a comment. I'm starved for love, affection and feck knows what leave me a comment..................................

Go on so, Ill go. Everyone have a great weekend, and Ill be back on here during the weekend when I get bored.