Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The one with tracksuits and shirts

I heard from one caller in particular last night, how she went on a date with a bloke who turned up in a striped green shirt and a tracksuit bottom! Yes, you read that right! A tracksuit and a shirt. This must be some new fashion craze around Cork as other people got in touch saying they too had witnessed something similar. One listener described how they saw a male dressed in a white shirt, tucked into a black tracksuit which subsequently was tucked into a pair of white socks. Now, what they witnessed wasn’t something off a funny part of the internet, but in fact they witnessed this strange creature thundering around a Cork shopping center. It must be akin to seeing Bigfoot in the wild, although Bigfoot is a rarity.

I have no idea how someone dresses like above, looks in the mirror and goes “Oh shit, I never tucked me tracky into me socks!" and then goes out the door. I equally have no idea how they manage to open a door, as their knuckles are scraping the ground! Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t tracksuits for athletes.

But not all in tracksuits are evil menaces on society. The point was made last night that if you put a couple of different people in a tracksuit you can spot the trouble maker a mile off. That’s the perception. The guy going to a football match could equally break into your house.

I made a suggestion last night to cast the undesirables onto a little island and leave them to their own devices. They could run free with each other and live off the land. Obviously, this got a few people upset. I wasn’t suggesting all tracksuit wearers get thrown onto an Island, only the trouble maker types. Someone then went off and compared me to Hitler for making such a suggestion. FFS. And I failed to mention that this island should be dragged out out to sea, by at least 500 miles!

Yes, you can’t judge a book by its cover but by Christ there’s plenty of books out there that you wouldn’t open!