Thursday, March 30, 2006

2 for the price of wan!

Just another quick update. Even though Im only up since one, today has been a really extremely relaxing day...which is suprising. The stuff I needed to get done went fairly smoothly. Make sure your practicing your Arnie voice for tomorrows fan attack :) Heres some pretty cool pics from my bebo whiteboard!

Thats it, over and out for the weekend. Im going off to give the fish a change of water and crack open a bottle of something!!
Ok Im off tonight and have literally just woken up. I didnt get to bed till five this morning. Called over to a mate for a while after the show, came home and fired on the Xbox 360 till five! That new Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat demo thats just gone up on Xbox Live is top notch all together! Thats what kept me up to be honest. I actually feel now like Ive been run over by a tank, for some reason! Christ I feel like going back to bed, but I have a few bits to do. Day off but still working!

The show has been really, really busy lately which is a great sign. Texts, calls, emails and everything else has been off the charts! As some of you know, I was asked to do an open spot at the new comedy night, run by Pat O Shea. Even though I am off tonight, I just cant make it this week. Maybe next week, as Im off next Thursday and Sunday. Im always writing material for the show and just keeping things archived so maybe Ill have a shot at the standup...for a laugh!

Risteard is in the hot seat for the show tonight and its the last night of our Vogue Beauty Clinic giveaway. Prizes for the ladies AND the men tonight!!!

Short one today, maybe more later! or over the weekend. Anyways, I m back on the air Sunday night @ 10pm!