Saturday, September 13, 2008

The one with my Pineapple Express take!

Seth Rogen is currently seriously hot shit in Hollywood. And just in case you didn't see Knocked Up, The 40 year old Virgin or Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express will confirm that he is one of the finest comedic actors working at the moment.

So what is the Pineapple Express all about? Is it about some new tropical fruit shaped train? Is it about some new motorway shaped like a tropical fruit? Or, is it a combination of the two? In a nutshell, the movie is about a train that....well not exactly. 

In another nutshell, Dale Denton (played by Seth Rogen) is a stoner, who works as a process server. He is witness to a murder by a big time drug lord. Big time drug dealer finds a roach that Denton drops in the panic trying to get away and figures out that theres some Pineapple Express in the roach. 2+2 are put together and Dales dealer, Saul Silver (played by James Franco) is the only guy in town selling Pineapple Express. 

The rest of the movie, sees the lads on the run, in a really, really,  clever comedy! There are some really laugh out your lungs moment. For me, the absolutely "shit, is that my lung in my popcorn" fight scene when the guys meet up with Red is a real standout moment. Through out the movie there are scenes which, I reckon are ad-libbed due to the sheer and utter lunacy of them. They work unbelievably well and this is all down to the sheer talent of Rogen and Franco.

James Franco plays the part of stoned, drug dealer Saul Silver brilliantly. Long, greasy hair, pyjama bottoms, its a far way from what alot of folks may have last seen him in. The spiderman trilogies. Danny McBride, plays Red and is absolutely outstanding! Wait for his foot shooting grand finale! Classic stuff!!!! And what cant be said about Seth Rogen. I really think he's a huge talent, and mark my words in a few years time his immense talent may see him get an Oscar nomination if decides to do another genre of movie! Mark my typed words! If I had to critical, it could have done with a bit more nudity. Rogens legs just didn't do it for me on the nudey front!

Special mention to Huey Lewis and the News who wrote the title song especially.

If you absolutely detest stoner movies, this one aint for ya. But, if you enjoy forcing your lungs out through your nostrils, this one is most definitely for you!