Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just a quickie....More calls and comments on Foreign Nationals tonight, Parking Fines and tonnes more stuff including the answer to lifes biggest unsolved mystery and all the hot topics thats got Cork talking!!!!!! Vogue Giveaway as well!
As most of you will have discovered after about an hour using the net for the first time, the world wide web is full of weird shit. Well I came across this, this morning in The Sun.
Its not some bizarre 3 sum video, but rather a horse and its 2 owners crusing down the road. The Southlink - unlikely. Apparently the horse thinks its human, pulling beers from the fridge, riding in the car, ordering cheese burgers at the drive-thru. Its like a real life Mr.Ed! Seriously though dont most Drive-thrus have a height restriction. Anyway, a horse eating cheeseburgers, that knocks the arse outta the whole horses love suger cubes. So there, thought it might be of doubt somebody has seen a horse, like the one above starring in an "action" movie!

Busy show last night with lots of people still calling in with regards to the foreign nationals working in Cork. I dont want to keep on about it here, but for Christs sake, and I know its cliched to the hilt but, Cant we all just get along! Over the years and in various jobs, Ive worked with people from all over the world, the States, Spain, Russia and some other places. Ok, its not all over the world, but its a sizeable chunk. I worked with a guy from Jamica for years in a previous job and he was one of the funniest feckers ever and a nice guy to boot! God, even KC is from Mayo and hes sound! As many callers said its time for us to return the favour! How many Irish legged it to other countries way back when. Sure, some were treated like shit, but for the best part they built the motorways in the UK, they built New York and half the states. Its the same Irish that are busting their balls every day. One example that springs to mind is the NYPD and the FDNY. There all Irish..almost! So if we can integrate into other cultures and countries, then we should be the last people on the planet to moan about others coming here!

Bebo is hitting the headlines and being banned in campus's around the globe and its happening here too. CIT has banend it, and we took alot of calls last night regarding it. Our Text poll, Is Bebo a Good Thing or Bad Thing, resulted in 96% of people saying its a good thing. Theres also a poll on my bebo page which while slow at the mo, has 100% saying its a good thing. Personally the thing is feckin harmless. These blanket bans are mad. It comes down to bad management of the computer labs. Surely the people supervising are awake enough to know bebo isnt exactly course work!

Back and Chest Waxes were just some of what we gave away last night, compliments of the Vogue beauty clinic and theres even more to go tonight, including a full body massage!!!!!!

Ive come across a brainwave hack as well, something to do with playing various sounds into your head..maybe Ill do some experimenting and try it out on air tonight! Thats all I need now, hacking into peoples heads!!