Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The one with Minstrels and Beastiality

Part of this update, briefly discusses Beastiality, so if your offended by that, click the x on the top right!

Much to the shock and horror of producer and listeners last night, my admission of eating minstrels for breakfast yesterday morning caused quite a stir. Some of the other items on the show included the anti-social carry on in Douglas and the new Zoo movie coming to the Cork Film Festival which tells the tale of a bloke who dies from having sex with a horse. We also had the privilege of having a new Psychic in the Monday night hot seat, called Trish Woods, who judging from callers and the large amount of feedback we got, was an absolute runaway success.

Going back to the movie Zoo, which incidentally has a very striking poster to go with it its, no doubt going to cause a few people to get upset. While it doesnt exactly show a horse getting it on with an individual, people will no doubt flock to see it, given that the subject is a fairly taboo one. As one caller said on air last night "Its not going to cause people to run out of the cinema and go, c'mere, your a nice looking horse". Theres at least always one movie at the Cork Film Festival that causes a stir, as there is with every film festival. Im not defending the movie by any means, but I am defending the fact of freedom of choice. If theres such a movie on release then surely people, if they want, should go to see it! To be honest, the thought of it, a movie like this, freaks me out a little. Horses doing men or women wouldnt start floating my boat, as a matter of fact it would sink the boat faster than the Titanic. Would I want to go see it? Well with the hype surrounding it, yeah. I would watch it.No one is holding guns to anyones head to go see it! Those of you with access to the internet will no doubt be well aware that theres all kinds of demented shit lurking around cyberspace!

Sometimes I wonder why people get so uptight about movies in general. The ones that cause the stir, be they a decent flick or not, let the public run their publicity machines. I only recently saw 9 songs, and to be frank I scanned through the thing in fast forward. Stopping only to look at the music scenes....ahem! So many people got their knickers in a twist over this and some of the scenes, in particular, the bloke getting a foot job in the bath and the scene of full penetration at the end. How do people think babies are being made. Surely some don't still think the Stork comes smashing through your double glazing in the middle of the night? As a movie, for me anyway, 9 songs was aload of balls, literally. Didnt like it. If I want some porn, I'll get it on the web. Who wants to be looking at some oul band crooning out a few songs in between foot jobs in the bath. What I would like to know is; what are the people, who lose their minds over these type of flicks doing watching them in the first place. Or is it the usual case of people reading a review, never seeing the actual movie and then getting on the moral high ground, just for the hell of it!

Lots of you wanted to hear more about the space toilet 9000, well here ya go

On a final note, the late Yasser Arafat's long lost cousin dropped by last night to help out with the production of the show!