Monday, November 30, 2009

The one with Election time!

Just another plug for the Movie Bit "Movie of 2009". The "Other" category was removed due to the fact that people were putting in movies that were not released in 2009. And as much as it made me laugh,  the suggestion of 2 girls 1 cup was about 2 years too late!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The one with Justin Lee Collins

Tonight!!! From 10pm GMT

Friday, November 27, 2009

The one with Paranormal Activity

Read my review of Paranormal Activity. Click here

The one with the Movie Bit Movie of the Year 2009

Morning all. The first ever Movie Bit Movie of the year takes place this year and its YOU who decideds Corks top movie of 2009. So please click here and vote now :)
Winner announced on the final Movie Bit of 2009 (which is gonna be a huge 2 hour special) on Dec 20th 2009 on Corks RedFM.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The one with Law Abiding Citizen

The bad guy always gets killed or those he? Law Abiding Citizen stars Gerard Butler as Clyde Shelton who has to endure his wife and child being raped and killed in front of him by 2 burglars. Jamie Foxx plays Nick Rice who’s the legal department justice person.Click the poster for the rest of the review over on The Movie Bit blog.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The one with the muppets taking on Queen

Low on the old time today, but this should put a smile on yer chops.......mmmmmmmmm pork!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The one with Invites

As many of you know I’m doing the annual Q&A again. We’re back in the wonderful Pavilion on November 11th. Basically a night of fun and frolics with yours truly answering ANY question thrown up by the audience. Plenty of hilarity (allegedly) and honesty. And not only that there’s plenty of stuff up for grabs on the night, including an Xbox 360 Elite, with thanks to Microsoft. So I’m starting the invite process on the blog today.

To get an invite all you have to do is send me an email by clicking here. Just put Invite into the subject box!

Failing that, just leave a comment here with your email address and we’ll hit you back with an email invite over the next few days!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The one with meself on RTE 1

Earlier this year I was asked to partake in Battle of the Sexes for RTE 1. Basically a camera crew came down and filmed yours truly and Anne Sexton for our dedicate Adults only slot, Sexually speaking. So last night, it was broadcast.

One of the big wigs in Red rang last week to give me the heads up and luckily I put it into the Sky + box to record it. Otherwise I plain forgot about it. Huge reaction to it on the show last night and it was only then I remembered. Anyway, check out the clip, here - 26 minutes in a Brad Pitt lookalike comes on screen :)

I await for the phone calls for movie roles and so on. Anyone got a good agent? :P

Friday, November 20, 2009

The one with more flood footage

Some great footage from around Cork!



The one with some Flood footage

Filmed this last night on the way to the house of the hen box! Roland Emmerich would be proud...maybe....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Twilight Saga - New Moon review

For many people (primarily young teenage girls) their world has stopped turning as the second movie in the Twilight series arrives.
Lets be honest here, If Jesus turned up and told the fans this movie was rubbish, it wouldn’t matter. This is a fan movie. Click the poster to read the rest of the review :)


The one with Thierry Henry :)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The one with Too Close and Personal 3

splashInvite only as usual. Free entry into Doubletime after the Q&A Essentially this is a mad night where anything goes on stage and its the 3rd year of the Q&A. Load of suprises on the night T.B.A. Keep eyes peeled here over the next week or so to blag yourself an invite.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

The one with the PS3

I’m not after having the best techno weekends if truth be told! The Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 has decided it doesn’t want to live anymore. Its still hanging on for dear life, but starts choking after 5 minutes. I wonder what it’s made of? Mud?

I wonder, I really do wonder what kind of shit they put into these “super” power consoles. After all, you spend a fortune and then this is what you end up with. And this is the second time its happened. I’m a total Sony whore but this is taking the mick a bit and I’m currently contemplating taking a hammer to it and just selling on all the games.

Imagine buying a private jet. Imagine after a months of flying that the wings fell off. Imagine that the private jet company decided to sort the problem out for you. Then imagine that a few months after some more flying, the wings fell off again. Exactly!!!! You’d take the bus!

Back in the day you could have driven a Tractor towing a trailer full of cattle over a Speccy 48k, and it would still work. Granted it might be covered in mud and cow shit but it would still work! Nothing a soft cloth couldn’t fix. But these days, in 2009 the most advanced consoles (MS included here, although my 360 hasn’t blown up in some time thankfully) are dropping like dead flies. I’m sick to the back teeth of so called “super” consoles falling over and there’s not even a sniff of kryptonite in the air!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The one with Modern Warfare 3

Enjoy the weekend. Gonna be in Club D'ville TONIGHT (Friday) - Doors 11pm!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 Review

The director who brought you a giant lizard trampling around New York and a giant Tsunami complimented with an ice storm is back and this time it really is the end of the world. Click the poster to read the rest of the review!


The one with the blogs 5th birthday!


As most of these things go, tis hard to believe the blog is 5 years old! It started off as something where I was quite sporadic in the updates but slowly but surely its evolved into something that is updated quite frequently and has more than 2 subscribers :)  It has also attached itself to my everyday routine like a facehugger, but as of yet it has still to burst out of my chest!

So hopefully its entertained, engaged, disgusted and upset. And it will continue to do so as long as there is fingers attached to my hand!

So as we say in the real capital, “Nice wan for reading”.  As we also say in Cork “Keep fuckin’ reading!!”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The one with Pat Kenny & my take on suing an old woman for a field!

Well it happened again! Some “individual” had a pop off Pat on live TV, about his 600,000 POUND salary and how he works 11 hours a week. This just goes to show, to me anyway, an uneducated stereotypical view of people who work in the media. From someone on this side of the media fence, and from my own personal experience the public are lead to believe I work 3 hours a night, that's 15 hours a week. Add about another 8 hours minimum into that mix a night / day and you get some idea of my working day / night. And don't even start me on the times I’ve left the building at 3 and 4am! What the public are not aware of (or seem to forget) is that I, like many others in this profession, spend hours and hours prepping and organising a show with producers etc.etc. So take your perception of “hours worked” and shove it!

There’s a huge amount of begrudgery in this country. You get a new car, the neighbours or some shite on the street have to pass comment. You buy a new pair of shoes and its “Oh look at him and his fancy shoes”. As opposed to embracing people who are successful, many spend their time trying to concoct ways of knocking them and their success. Surely time might be better spent bettering themselves as opposed to being a haven for spite and hatred! Its like many thrive on the darkside as it were!

Look, I’d love an Audi R8. But I’m not roaring at Audi to say “Your feckin’ car is too dear for me to buy because I don’t earn enough to afford it”. Nope! I’m not throwing my toys out of the pram because “I want, I want, I want” I know my place, and I’ll probably never afford one, but I’m not going to moan and bitch about the people who put a smile on the Audi accountants faces. If somebody can afford it, more power to you. You work hard enough for it and why shouldn’t you! After all its your money isn’t it, or do the be grudgers think they have some legal right to YOUR money. I’m sure there’s plenty of people think they are living in Sherwood forest. Just because someone has more than you, doesn’t give you the right to knock the shit out of them for their success. Stop your “Poor me” shit and get off your ass

All that said, Pat handled it in the usual Pat way, hope someone wrestles said heckler to the ground and just keep saying thanks. The poor Minister looked like she needed a change of knickers though. There’s a million things he could have done to engage the guy and actually debate the point, but he just sat there waiting for the hired goons to sort it out.

In the mix of things, Pat and his 600,000 POUNDS were compared to the US President, unbelievable. Then came the comment about suing an old woman about a field. And the poor old Bridy next to him looked like she was thinking “Why did I bother my arse coming out tonight!” In another way, I admire his professionalism because if It were me, I would have scaled the desk and started swinging a chair! Anyway, I wouldn’t take anybody too seriously, that doesn’t even know what currency we use in the country!

Monday, November 09, 2009

The one with an awesome farting bull statue!

The one with Windows 7 and other geek goodness!

Last week, the nice people at Microsoft sent on a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. Being a long time XP user, I was a little dubious about doing a complete fresh install, as these things never go to plan.

I set about backing up years worth of photos and a small fortune of iTune purchases. All told, the backup process took the bare bones of nearly 2.5 hours. Windows 7 took less than 45 minutes to get onto me trusty Dell laptop and so far its been a wonderful experience. Its fast and incredibly intuitive. I love the idea where it goes off by its lickle self and looks for a particular driver and so on. Those of you coming from Vista won’t see much visual differences, but coming from XP its a huge difference! And it all went to plan, bar me losing all my iTunes playlists, but that I can manage!! Either way, best move I’ve made in along time!!!

I’m in the process of reinstalling software and put Picasa (3.5) back on over the weekend. And this now has a facial recognition feature which is mindblowing. Its about 95% accurate so far and I now know how Tom Cruise’s character felt in Minority Report. Ok, maybe no entirely, but hats off to the Google boys again!!!

Anyway, for today that is it. The blog is 5 years old later in the week, so I’m off to plan the party. Ahem!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Based on the book by Jon Ronson (Which I haven’t read), the men who stare at goats is all about men who stare at goats and attempt to stop their heart in the process. Click the poster to read the rest of the review.men_who_stare_at_goats_movie_poster_01

Friday, November 06, 2009

Jennifer's Body

The horror genre continues its revival and its latest offering has the bride from Mama Mia and the mechanic from Transformers 2 getting gored up. Click the poster to continue reading the rest of the review :)


Thursday, November 05, 2009

The one with testicles

Its funny how you forget things if they haven’t happened to you in an incredibly long time. Yesterday, my right testicle was involved in an incredible collision with one of the dogs toys.

Recently, we bought 2 new toys for the dogs, and one of these was a fluffy duck. And for some reason unbeknownst to everyone except the manufacturer, they had stuck a giant, hard ball inside the duck. I suppose in a way, that's hugely beneficial to the dogs and it means the toy isn’t eaten in a matter of seconds.

And whilst lounging on the couch in the kitchen yesterday, my new wife decided it would be hilarious to throw the aforementioned toy at yours truly. Like a scene out of the Matrix, time slowed down as I witnessed this flying, furry duck hurtling towards me. It shot past the fridge, over a table and unlike Neo, I was unable to get out of the way. And then the collision with my right testicle happened. First there was nothing, but in the half blink of an eye the pain erupted. Like a dormant volcano, I hadn’t felt pain like this since primary school, which was around the last time I got a belt into the baby factory. Like a big sack of spuds, I collapsed off the couch onto the ground, holding the baby factory, drooling and screaming like something out of Patrick St. on a Saturday night.

The wife couldn’t stop laughing and the dogs started lapping up my pain infused drool which was exiting my mouth like ping pong balls in a dodgy thai “adult” show. I remained on the ground for some time, before I managed to crawl back onto the couch. Then the “I never hit you there” started. And after some convincing which incorporated many fine expletives, the wife decided to apologise. Words of “Kiss it better” fell on deaf ears though! So if you think your having a bad day, try being my right testicle!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The one on Wednesday

Forza 3 up for grabs on the Gadgets and Gaming bit this evening....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009

The one after Halloween

Another night of ghosts, ghouls and scobes draws to an end! We missed all the trick or treaters, due to yours truly thundering off the buy a cheap shirt to destroy with food colouring. And by the time we came back after getting fed in the process, most of the little ones had gone home with their bags of sweets. No doubt, an hour later they were doing their best, Exorcist projectile vomit impressions.

The outfit for the fancy dress bash at Club D’Ville got a few comments afterward. People obviously thought I was in an almighty punch up. “You alright biy? You need an ambulance or anything” was one such comment I got in a garage. A group of girls refused to get out of a car after spotting me and were all to quick to pull their mate back into the car, saying “Stay in the car, stay in the car”. Another bloke said “Fuck, that was some batin’ ya got”. Thankfully nobody called the cops as I did look like I had butchered a small housing estate! I had a t-shirt wrapped around the seat in case the food colouring would make shit of the car seat, which would have looked even more dodge If I were stopped by the lads in blue!

Managed to convince the wife to watch Drag me to Hell on Blu-Ray, which is a great flick and incredibly funny with the occasional “JUMP” moment. Wife terrified of the whole thing. Clung to me arm until I eventually reminded her that I need my right arm for writing, cooking…other things. It didn’t matter, she still clawed the shit out of it!