Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well kids everywhere are shitting themselves about now. Town is closing down, parents are trying the get the little feckers home. 4 or 5 hours from now they'll be hitting the oul leaba and trying to get to sleep. Which of course they cant. But as the magic of Christmas happens, they'll wake up without ever thinking they fell asleep. The last 2 days, Ive been in a very festive mood. The comments on the blog really helped the mood along. I was going to do a Twas the night before Christmas, but I cant be arsed to be honest! So to fill that void, heres a few bits from the last show of the year

Late N Live Top 5 ways, I Vic, will be enjoying the Xmas holidays (22/12/05)

5 – Making tough decisions like Blue Stratos, Old Spice or Hi Karate

4 – Christmas morning is the one day a year I manage to get up

3 – Sitting down with a glass of wine…staring in the neighbors bedroom window

2 – Wondering if the P45 I got at the Xmas party was a joke

1 – Ill be driving around sampling the Xmas spirit at Gate 6 in the airport

Does anyone else think Xmas is a sexual time of year. Yeah, I know that’s worrying, sounds like something Michael Jackson would say before he busts out a six pack of Jesus juice. But seriously all this talk of stuffing the ass of a plump bird with meat and bread crumbs its worrying isnt it. Guys, just think of all the boxes youll have to unwrap over the Xmas holidays. Some of you will be opening 10+ boxes on Christmas morning alone, and to that I salute you.

Does anybody else enjoy relatives coming for Xmas dinner. Its great isnt it. People you only see at funerals and the occasional wedding turn up on your door Xmas morning. Which is a right pain if you’re a kid. Your trying to open your presents and Aunty Bridy is moaning about her next door neighbour, the price of bread…..or her piles. Then the actual dinner is another ordeal, they all seem to pick at the mountain of a dinner that your mother spent the last 3 days trying to get ready, and their moaning that the brussel sprouts are too hard, the spuds are lumpy and the turkeys too dry. What is it with this whole the Turkeys very dry. It’s a meat, its supposed to be dry. God, just lick the damn thing to moisten it up or dip it in your glass of water. Then when the dinner is over and done with, they all crawl into the front room, light the fire and gradually all fall asleep. Then aunty bridy wakes up and tries to tell you about her next door neighbor, the price of bread…or her piles.

Ya gotta love the oul Aunty Bridy! As it stands right now, herself is in town with her Dad and sister. Ive got the bits and pieces wrapped. I have six discs left to watch out of the Sopranos season 4 and 5. The fridge and cupboards are full of junk and drink. Well the drink is in the fridge. Wedding Crashers, Tim Burtons Nightmare before Xmas, The Island, Cinderella man, King Kong production diaries and something else are all on the schedule over the next few days. Im promising myself to stay away from the net and work..although I do have to work for a small bit on Tuesday. So I think thats about it folks.

If anyone gets an Xbox360 me gamertag is vicbarry. Ill be project gotahmin' it over the holidays, so look me up.

On a final note, thank YOU for reading this piece of drivel. I do apoligise about the lack of updates recently, but that should return to normal in 06 (Yeah, I know Ive said that before). Hope Santy squeezes his big fat hole down yer chimneys and fills up all yer stockings.....with presents. One last thank you, and that goes to YOU for listening to the show in 2005. I hope youll join me again from January 3rd 2006.
Be safe and careful this holiday season and have a great time!
Morning all. There will be a proper blogged up Xmas entry later on today at some stage. If you have absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing to do, drop by later on ;)