Thursday, July 21, 2005

As requested!!!!!

LOUTS who swiped 20 hanging baskets of flowers from a bridge have cost the council more than €10,000. The pretty floral display on Sarsfield Bridge in Limerick city was destroyed by vandals early yesterday morning. Theres been outrage at whats happened, but its not said to be a hanging offence

AN ALL-STAR hurler lashed out with a pint glass in his hand when he was taunted and abused during a game of pool in a Waterford city pub. I don’t know, apparently he was taking to long to get his balls off the table

The controversial Olympic gold medal swimmer Michelle De Brun was among those called to the Bar yesterday and she plans to begin 'devilling' in October - the term for serving your time as an apprentice barrister. So shell be dressing up in a big wig and robes, almost in disguise. Well it wouldn’t be the first time she fooled people

Late N Live Top 5 ways irish prisons are different to the abu gharaib prison (19/7/05)

5 – President Bush said he thought it was the color schemes

4 –Its too cold for the prisoners to be going around naked 24 hours a day

3 – Cmon, irish prisoners can get DVDs and takeaway food, the abu gharaib prisoners get an old betamax vcr and a dead camel

2 – It’s the inmates that want to have sex with the guards

1 – Instead of been brought for a walk on a lead, Irish prisoners get to play fetch instead

Happy now? Cheers for the comments. I know its an ould cliched saying, but what is the world coming to. Looking at Sky News around lunch time and being glued to it for the last few hours, it does pop up the question, What is the world coming to?
Thankfully no fatalities.

Our Kerry team bus audio 2 went to air last night and it got a nice ol "fuck it, thats funny" alls well. I didnt get home till late and let me tell ya eating a ham sandwich, watching Coronation St at 3am is no fun. But, it has to be done...doesnt it.

Im going to try and make fantastic four in the morning, and speaking of the cinema, Im going to be introducing The Perfect Catch screening at Mahon Point next week. God help the people that are there!